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First of all, i would like to apologize for my bad english. It's not my fault  :-\

My idea would be a long mission, in fact a mini-campaign of 3 to 5 missions inside, axed around a single op, field or urban. The objective would be a town or a base, occupied by 2 enemy companies (300 mens, counting infantry and armor).

In war, before beginning an op, first of all the future staging area must be inspected, usually by SF, or FO (Forward Observers), such as artillery FO. They must sneak into enemy territory in order to inspect the access, that could be used for enemy reinforcements or as evac routes. That would be mission number 1. The player would be a SF operator.

Mission number 2 would the prepping of the assault. But for the fun of the mission, let's say artillery prepping can not be requested because of... er... Ammo shortage ( :wow:)! So, choppers will be sent in, a bunch of Cobras, assisting an Apache. Their task would be to weaken the enemy's armored units. The player would be a chopper pilot.

Then, cutscene. During the prepping, infantry would be brought into position (let's say 200-300 meters from the staging area) by trucks. I wuz thinking of a small company, composed by/of (:-\) 3-4 platoons (that is 120 men, subdivised into 3 platoons, with 4 squads of 10 men each). Is that too many infantry-men?
Then, still during the cutscene, the light armored units would get into position, and everybody would wait for the go-code (intense music, internal voices of grunts praying, some of them trying to crack jokes [noticed the trying?  ;)], blablabla). And suddenly, GO CODE! Fade to white...

Beginning of mission 3. Standard assault, infantry runs towards the objective, while armor does the same, but rolling. The player would be an infantry-man, maybe a squad-leader, or a grenadier.

Objective accomplished: the area is secured. Mission 4. The main nato assault force is pulled out, while reinforcements are brougth in, in order to hold the area, and repel any counter-attacks. But, guess what? Counter-attack  ;D. There, if u have any ideas???  ???.... The player would here be a leader of a armored unit, or maybe an light artillery unit leader... Why not? ::)

And, final cutscene! Each character of this mini-campaign would be seen, while on duty (the SF operator longing to go back in action, the chopper pilot repairing his bird, the squad-leader/grenadier taking a rest, the armored commander/artillery unit leader patrolling/rearming his gun....), then credits  :cheers:!

I tried to be as accurate as possible, talking about the number of units needed. My only experience of such large-scale combats are real-life reports...
So, if anybody has any idea, suggestions (of where? who? if it's good? what could be better? what should be left apart?....), please, be my guest 8)
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Re:Urban or Field Operation, but from different points of view
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I think this is a great idea! It would definately make for a great campaign that would feel really realistic and complete. I like the idea of really focusing on everything that goes into an operation, and using a realistic balance of all the tools of modern war. Most missions don't do this well, if at all. For example, most missions have you take on a force many times your own size (one squad vs a platoon or more?!?), and usually you don't have any artillery, air, tank, or heavy MG support. Also, most missions tend to have you run all over the island, doing like 4-5 operations in one sitting.

Of course, I can understand why mission makers do this; because they want it to be hard, and long. But if you really focus on how/where you put the AI, you can make a single operation turn into a long, challenging mission.

I like how this shows many aspects of a single military operation, but I'd take it a step furthur. Stuff like the planning from the top down would be cool as well.... of course, that might not work as a playable mission(s) without a LOT of editing, but it would be good as a cutscene at least.

Also, the grunt mission should be really realistic and immersive, with lots of friendlies like you said. I don't think that many people would work well though.... I think a single platoon would be about the limit; especially when you add in tank, artillery, and heavy MG support. But since most operations are at least company-level, you could have the player play the next mission in the boots of a grunt from a different platoon, which is in charge of a different area of the assault. Then again in a third platoon, and maybe even again in a tank. You get the idea. Each mission would be in a slightly different location, but would all take place "at the same time" in terms of the timeline of the battle.

Anyway, I love the idea, so I hope you, or somebody, decides to make it.

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Re:Urban or Field Operation, but from different points of view
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I'd sure be delighted to build such a mission  ;D! But my computer lacks some ram (i only have 128 SDRAM... it really is painful to play OFP on it, but i kind of got used to it....  :-\)...

So, let's sum up. At least an infantry platoon involved: that's 40 to 50 men (i'm part of a 46 men platoon, including 2 officers, 4 NCOs and 40 grunts, i'm a grunt  :)) subdivised into 2 squads of 11 (support team and assault team) and 2 squads of 12 (platoon HQ, where the platoon CO, 1st or 2nd lieutenant, and another assault team, equiped with a mortar).

Where? I've just discovered BAS's Tonal Island, and i'm quite fond of it, so if the op could take place on this one  :). But that means using men, armored and artillery material and aircrafts in jungle or desert camo... About the opposing force, it won't be to difficult to create a plot using the governmental units by BAS...

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Re:Urban or Field Operation, but from different points of view
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Back to the men camo's story...
I've just found a pack of addons, quite good, on (Operation Frenchpoint). French infantry units, aircrafts (both fixed and rotary-wing), light armored vehicles (VABs, VTTs, VBLs, the french equivalent of the HMMW...) and tanks.

The jungle camo, plus the Tonal island, migth prove great! But is anybody willing to use french units?  :D


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Re:Urban or Field Operation, but from different points of view
« Reply #4 on: 18 Oct 2004, 20:24:52 »
I'll use french units, but I won't use Tonal.  

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Re:Urban or Field Operation, but from different points of view
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Which island then?


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Re:Urban or Field Operation, but from different points of view
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Trinity is a good island....the latest LW mod islands are good....there are plenty to choose from is my point :).  Sounds like a great mini-campaign!  Good luck with it ;D!