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everon resistance campaign
« on: 01 Oct 2004, 08:05:53 »
hey sup

i was starting to make a resistance campaign i'll give you the gist of the first few missions??

mission 1
montinac madness

well you are david gissepie known person who dose all the dirty work for the govenment. in his old days he was an international spy hint hint

start out on a mission go kill the loacal crime boss when you kill him you escape back to your "boss" and then drive home.

mission 2
soviet invasion

a four way invassion of everon (evero airport, morton, regina and munex)
you start off drivin to your contact (provins) you have to kill a hi ranking "person" when you get to morton a mi-17 goes over and para-drops a heap of spet natz people and you see a few bmps (invasion force) u drive back to provins and report in  mission end

mission 3
round up

you get drafted in to the EAM (everon army militia) get sent on your first mission clear small village then take a fuel station

thats all so far if ya wanna get in volved Email me on