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No Intro
« on: 21 Sep 2004, 15:24:45 »
Wasn't quite sure where to post this, since it is not beta but proven to work in an MP environment:

  During mission testing and even play, sometimes the intro cutscene can be tiring to view over and over, so this is what I did in one of my missions with an opening cutscene, as well as all cutscenes in the mission:

in the description.ext I used param 2 like this:
Code: [Select]
titleparam2 = "Cut Scenes?";
valuesParam2[] ={1,2};
defValueParam2 = 1;
textsParam2[] = {"Yes","No"};
then my cutscene script has the following entry:
Code: [Select]
? param2 == 2:goto "noscenes"
Code: [Select]
TitleText ["Hurry! Get in the track!","PLAIN DOWN"]
[player7,player8,player9,player10,player11,player12] join wgroup
Objective1 = TRUE

Instead of just exiting the cutscene script if param2 ==2, I made a section, "noscenes" because I still had objectives to be made complete and scripted orders to make and certain variables to be set......but if you don't need to do any of that at the point of a cutscene then just exit the script if param 2 is 2.....

  Hope someone finds this usefull, my squad mates like it.  As we all know it gets tiring to watch the cutscene for a mission you have played dozens of times....


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Re:No Intro
« Reply #1 on: 27 Sep 2004, 22:34:01 »
thats a 100% working script for MP, use the same type of code my self.

cheers, Philly