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Mission Ideas?
« on: 17 Sep 2004, 20:07:32 »
We all know of Ballistic Studio add-ons. If anyone would like to participate in coming up with ideas for Single Player missions using, those add-ons, such as little birds, black hawks, Ranger/Delta soldiers, also using the Tonal Island defense forces and using rebel enemy forces along with African soldiers.

Ideas can be posted here for SP missions or Campaigns using the BAS add-ons. Any help would be great. You can post as many ideas as you want. Thanks for everyone's help. I will be posting these missions on my Missions team website and OFPEC site and OFPCZ site. Here are the links to the other two sites.

My Site: www.JWMissionTeam.TK

Email also if you have any questions, thanks.
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