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Author Topic: Pefkakia Campaign  (Read 794 times)

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Pefkakia Campaign
« on: 26 Sep 2002, 08:51:43 »
I have a tentative outline for a campaign. I'd made the first mission in 1.30, but I've decided to start over again with resistance. I have an outline in this post of the first four missions and movies. Also, I'd like to use no addons as that's a common complaint when a new campaign comes out.

You are a farmer on Malden, an island in the Pefkakian
Archipelago. Pefkakia is engulfed in a civil war
between the reigning dictatorship(west) and communist
insurgents. You begin one day normally when you walk
right into the middle of the war.

Mission #1:
Introduction. Player(As civilian) drives through
houdan to go conduct regular business when town is
attacked by communists. Player is sent away to check
in up island, by the time player comes back,
communists control Houdan. Player heads for docks
outside of Le Port, but is stopped by a communist
officer, who conscripts him.

Movie: Player arrives at communist controlled naval base to
see civilians being herded onto Mi17s. Has typical "oh no"
reaction before being prodded onward.

Mission #2: Player starts at docks(as civilian), only
they are now communist controlled. Player is put on a
Mi-17 and flown to large base. Player is herded to
fall in and is adressed by basic training instructor,
who tells them they will only receive a 5 day course
in weapons handling, basic infantry commands and
tactics. Player is told to take AK74 and get on Ural,
which goes to rifle range. At range, player must down
3 targets. After player(and other civilians in 1st
relay) downs his target the group comes under attack
from Fascist holdouts(1 Corporal officer, 1 Grenadeir,
2 Soldiers all of average skill) the group eventually
overcomes them and the instructor is told to omit the
survivors from the rest of training. Player is told he
has graduated and is assinged to be an AT Soldier.

Movie: Barracks conversation with Roberto Sanchez, other communist
recruit. He touches breifly on secret democratic resistance hiding in
small forest camps on malden and launching guerilla attacks on fascists.
Roberto says he thinks they're neutral to communists.

Mission#3: Player(East, AT Soldier) is taken out of
barracks and told to report to special forces
operative(Bizon2) who breifs player on enemy PBR that
has been harrassing friendly forces, he say he will
shoot the driver and gunner and that after that, you
must hit it with a rocket. Scenario is set up, so
operative is killed and you must hit PBR with rocket
while it fires back. It is the objective.

Movie: Player reports back to officer that mission is complete with casualty
officer says "good work" and sends him off

Mission #4: Player(East, Officer, Corporal) is promoted to Junior Sergeant
for his heroism by Major General Kravchuk, a Ukranian, former Soviet officer.
He is assinged to take a small four man detachment onto malden and recon a
small road for troops and patch of forest for camps because of the
special forces being taken up in other operations. Troop bumps into  
6 or 7 fascist police, who because of the AI After troops defeat
police, which they really should, they go into forest, and walk into
"empty" camp where mission ends abruptly.

Movie: Troop is surrounded by resistance who were hiding. Officer offers defection
or freedom, player and two others join, lone communist troop goes back.

Does this sound any good so far? Future plot developments include 2 sides
allying against the other and the Player discovering the resistance is
receiving outside funding from an unlikely source.