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a comment about the BRDM
« on: 27 Jul 2004, 09:00:56 »
Hello all

i was reading a book on armoured vehicles the other day and happened to come across the BRDM. It turns out, that the country of origin, is... the UK??

Might not be the BRDM in the game, its the BRDM-2 which I think the game one is.

Anyhow , this might not have been the place to post this, but there it is.



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Re:a comment about the BRDM
« Reply #1 on: 07 Aug 2004, 18:17:22 »
Really? I thought it was Russian.
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Re:a comment about the BRDM
« Reply #2 on: 07 Aug 2004, 21:01:35 »
How exciting! I thought it was Russian too.


Still, this doesn't have anything to do with mission editing or the missions depot even. You're better of discussing about it in the Official Forums here.

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