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Attack & hold
« on: 27 Jul 2004, 08:42:17 »
Hello all!  

i recently had an idea for a mission, based in the Jungle Everon island, but It would go with  the original everon. You start with 4 groups of men, and 2 M113's and you advance up the hill, towards the small town. Half way up the hill, a T-72 ambushes you from side on, and the shooting starts there. a BRDM slowly craws down the hill, but thats no match for you! then, thinking all's clear, 2 groups of russians with a BMP to back them they come running over the top of the hill beside you. (It's like a Fjord), and you have to take em down. once you advance up the hill, at the top there are 3 more groups of ruskies, and a BMP coming down the road. You rocket the BMP and kill all the guys, and then you have to hold the town from more  , suddenly, about 15 soliders emerge from the bush, and people start dropping left and right :gunman:, so you run for it. Then, only to find, that 4 T-72's are approching from the north. You all take up positions, and battle it out. Then when the mission is over, you finnish by exiting.

What ya'll think?

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Re:Attack & hold
« Reply #1 on: 27 Jul 2004, 12:54:56 »
Nothing new really but it sounds like it wud be one heck of a mission, lots of action.

4 T-72's!!!!!!!!! I'll be surprised if anyone cud survie that after a long battle.

If ur gonna make it try and add sum new things that are different frm all these types of missions. Sumthing to make people go "wow, this was an amazing mission".

Good luck with it if u do decide to make it.


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Re:Attack & hold
« Reply #2 on: 27 Jul 2004, 14:37:21 »
I reckon it'd be extremly hard to make that kinda mission. OFP is a free world, the player just won't "run away" as you say it cause its ment to be so. Neither may he even be in that valley when the enemy attacks, he might be flanking the town thru a forest or I dunno what. Would be cool if it worked though.

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Re:Attack & hold
« Reply #3 on: 30 Jul 2004, 07:53:54 »
Well my idea incoperated that fact, because i thought the [shadow=red,left,300]BMP+T72[/shadow] that comes over the hill @ the start, happebns within 30 seconds on start. ;D On  the other side is a BMP and 2 groups of soliders :o. AND behind you is wat, so basicly you HAVE to fight.

Anyhows, if you like the idea (this is not advertising) it is posted in the mission editing deppot/ BETA testing. I'm not asking you to, just telling you that it's there.