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St. Zorba:The Junta Missions
« on: 06 Jul 2004, 11:19:59 »
Hello everyone, This is Sorenson speaking, im the head of the CIA office here at St. Zorba...

The people of my department (all two of us...) are currently working on a short campaign based on Der BastlerÂ's Greece 3 map.

The story is this:

A US. backed coup deta't has been successfully completed and the Military has assumed command over the entire island. The Socialist Guerillas, strikes from their hidden bases  ;D and the Junta (The Colonel and The Major) wants them taken care of... In the middle of it all a group of Foreign Mercenaries arrive to assassinate the Junta...

Take on the roles of Adrian Holmes, head of the feared Junta Death Squads or Laslo Vladimirov, International socialist hero.

Fight squads of Junta soldiers, the local Airforce (headed by Sergeant Miklos Athanasios) and even a Tank! Or eradicated the Socialist threat before people get the hang of what freedom is all about...

The Junta Missions: Coming Soon...
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