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Author Topic: Mission idea  (Read 663 times)

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Mission idea
« on: 24 May 2004, 16:01:56 »
There's this lake near Petrovice in Nogova island. Ruskies are coming from the south and the first wave of attack is already here. You are one of spec-ops (day, and only weapon is Glock17S). You are alone under pier in northwest corner of the lake. Theres couple house front of you and one enemy man. In east there's a church and there they're holding more than 4 captives. And in the town there's more. Near the church is ammobox. There might be resistance camp in near the woods.

You must find a radio to call some backup. Other NATO camps doesnt know anything whats happening (Bad connection thou). There are more enemies coming from south and you must prepared to that and fight. When the backup arrives you can toast rest of the russians and mission is over.

I think that there should be nice intros in this one. Use your brains and make this mission good. I tried to do this level but my skills aren't enough. About the resistance camp: There might be some men you can "hire" and stuff. Lots of endings too if attack is too heavy, or you run away.
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