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« on: 20 Apr 2004, 16:50:15 »
Right, I have the basic idea for this campain
And a trailer type thing, that is still in need of voice acting (Got one or two people volentering already).
Anyway, I'll attach the trailer soon (Need to export it to a PBO first).
Right, heres the problems ::
1. I have very few ideas on what the mission acctualy will be about (Like getting blahblah and protecting blahblah from blahblah)
If you watch the trailer if you need to know genraly what this is about (Hard to explain very shortly, easier if you just watch ;))

2. You have 3 (Might change it down/up.. Stay at 3, prob).. And I don't want them to die in the 2nd mission, but magicly come back for the 3rd... I want to kill them when I want (IE though cutscenes)...
I'm not too sure how to do this (It's sort of a zombie mission, but zombie isn't a good was of descibing it.. I want it more belivable that that), so theres very few enemys who have guns (Maybe CQB weapons, like the chainsaw... Like Doom 3 :P .. But nothing that could randomly kill a teammate, if you see what I mean)

So, 1, does anyone have mission ideas, 2, how do I stop the teammates getting killed ;)

So if anyone want to give me a huge hand, email/reply here/msn me (dbrweb @

I'll attach the trailer (Beta) later, but if you want it sooner (For some reason  ???) :P MSN/PM/email me and I'll send you the editor version

Thanks a lot :)
- Ben