Author Topic: choppers with a hella' lota' work!  (Read 745 times)

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choppers with a hella' lota' work!
« on: 11 Apr 2004, 20:30:36 »
I'm looking for someone who could make a mission in the style of:

1.An American chopper pilot being alerted and assigned to bringing in some desperatly needed reinforcements because the American forces in battle already fighting are hopelessly outnumbered.He would command a whole group of pilots and logically choppers, too.(This would be even more fun if they had to fly a dangerous route to the pick-up of the reinforcements)
2.Flying the reinforements into battle at a hot LZ
3.Flying to the airport and back to battle in attack helicopters
4.Let the mission end with the return to ?(definetly away from the battlefield)
  or let the pilots escort a convoy taking away the infantry.
i've tried this myself but i've no time to get into scripting so i've given it up.i'd be very delighted to find someone who would make this kind of mission or link me up to a completed/making-in-progress mission of this kind.


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Re:choppers with a hella' lota' work!
« Reply #1 on: 12 Apr 2004, 12:50:59 »
Have a look at the thread Chopper Pilot carrer :)
- Ben


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Re:choppers with a hella' lota' work!
« Reply #2 on: 12 Apr 2004, 20:30:56 »
Hmm making choppers do stuff via waypoints is errrr sometimes diffcult but I not sure about commanding them in with troops into a hot LZ since I gotta lot on my hands already. Lead the choppers when your attacking stuff with apaches though.