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Author Topic: mfcti 1.16 released  (Read 801 times)

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mfcti 1.16 released
« on: 09 Apr 2004, 22:57:54 »
you guys knew mf conquer the island 1.16 has been released?
for you that doesn't know what mfcti mod is, its a mod that allows you to play ofp and real time strategy in the same time kind of..  8)
its for multiplayer but you can start your own LAN server if you like and play as commander togheter with the rest of the a.i's

A game can take anywhere between 1-2 hours to 6 hours if you meet some good oposition or having a though battle.
A match where you can be 2 vs 2 or more and you use voice programs like ventrilo or teamspeak 2 makes the whole experience really amazing  :D
You shout orders to the other player or report in when you see enemies and coordinate attacks against a.i' controlled towns or maybe enemy controlled towns and bases  ;D
Here's the adress to their site anyways so you can check it out yourself.