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Re:Old Resistance campaign...
« Reply #30 on: 20 Oct 2003, 16:08:54 »
Any update on this?


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Re:Old Resistance campaign...
« Reply #31 on: 20 Oct 2003, 22:44:09 »
If the campaign isn't dead in the water already, then there'll probably be some news when the new F.I.A. soldiers are released.

Just hoping :D :D :D ...

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Re:Old Resistance campaign...
« Reply #32 on: 24 Oct 2003, 03:36:23 »
Heya guys, I've had midterms last week and I have some damned papers due soon, plus there's a lot of stuff to read here, but this idea is still alive.

I've got to boil all this info down to a summary that I can post here and that's going to be tricky since we have lots and lots (and lots) of posts from the old board saved in Word.  People who don't even exist anymore had lots to say, but it's hard to pull out what we actually decided to use from the sheer brainstorming.

I'll try and get something up tomorrow.


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Re:Old Resistance campaign...
« Reply #33 on: 24 Oct 2003, 04:08:58 »
People who don't even exist anymore...
I don't like the sound of that... :o ;D

Just take your time making the campaign. There's plenty of time to finish it before BIS releases OFP 2.

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Re:Old Resistance campaign...
« Reply #34 on: 28 Oct 2003, 23:47:11 »
Okay.....if it's not one thing, it's something else....and the "something else" is now the network being on the fritz for the last week >:(

Anyhow, here we go:

Oh my god, this is so complicated...

So: It's 1983.  What we have is you, journalist and expatriate of Everon.  You're young (early 20's) and were educated in a British journalism school.  You're a freelancer, having decided that the mainstream media more often than not ignores stories like this one.  So, you pack up your pad and paper and return home.

The reason you left in the first place?  You were a very outspoken political activist during your time on Malden/Everon, and you were set against the Russians moving in, which they did anyway.  Your father was a Senator and was "offed" by a car bomb soon after the radicals took power.  Your mother, an editor with a local news magazine, vanished, but not before she left you a note to get the hell out of the country.

So you left and finished your journalistic education in the UK, then returned in secret as the freelancer that you are for two reasons: one, you want to know who killed your parents and why (not really hard questions but you need facts), and two, to show the international community what's going on in this tiny, peaceful land.

In truth, the Russians didn't "invade;" they moved in rather peacefully.  Since Kolgujev, the Russian outpost in the region, was so close, the Russians used covert means to play havoc with the the economy of the small nation and incite some radicals to stir up trouble.  Everon asked for assistance from their fairly inoffensive neighbors the Russians, and the Russians were only too happy to provide some aid.  Then they asked, as repayment, for the government to open the islands as a training base, since Kolgujev was getting a bit crowded.  

Not wanting to piss the Russians off and not having an army of their own, the government agreed, and the Russians poured into the islands without firing a shot.  Of course, it was occupation, and everyone knew it.

The Soviet military occupation forces took their cues from their zampolits (I'm pretty sure that's what Soviet political officers were called - the dudes whose job it was to make sure the military was in line with the government) and set up a council of Everonians from this movement to serve as a puppet.  These guys are wild-eyed fanatics who ask "how high" when Moscow says "jump."  Muscle is provided by the Soviets.  They came with plenty of APCs, choppers and trucks, but not so much armor as it wasn't necessary.

The Everonian people realized there wasn't much they could do about it so they mostly keep their mouths shut and their heads down.  The Soviets at first tried to be quiet about "removing" outspoken members of the populace, but soon resorted to shows of force - using copious amounts of firepower in an over-the-top display of what happens to those who talk too much.

Despite this, there are several small resistance groups around the islands.  They are (and this is where Radiosilence is much more expert than I am, as he thought all this up):

  •  Jerome 1 - this guy, only known by this name, is the popular hero.  He and his men hide by day and make themselves a nuisance by night.  He is genuinely motivated by a love for his homelend and the people recognize that.  You end up joining his group and you see him as a real hero and a patriot, and he sees your usefulness - not only are you a patriot as well but only you can get the message to the world and bring NATO intervention.  Somehow the Russians manage to find and kill him before this happens
  • Jerome 2 - (Another resistance leader who prefers the alias.)  He is much more power-hungry than Jerome 1.  He hates everyone and has a small band of people who back him.  They are militants as well, and want EVERYONE out of the country with the aim of returning it to its isolationist status.  His goal is to take over the country by himself and he does not cooperate with the other Resistance groups, and in fact later on targets them.  
  • Jerome 3 - his is the more political group.  they don't fight with rifles and bombs, but wage a political war through the people themselves.  He's also the most dangerous.  He makes a show of murdering Russian soldiers when he can (not in combat but when they're off-guard), but then is actually collaborating with the Council.  His group looks as if it backs Jerome 2, but he secretly wants him dead.  The long-term plan is to wait for NATO intervention, kill Jerome 2 (thus killing the Resistance movement completely since Jerome 1 would already be dead), and then let NATO troops get slaughtered.  He would then become the Russians' pet for helping them defeat NATO and when they finally withdrew from the country, he would become the ruler.
So you join the first guy and start to blow things up and cause trouble, but this is when the element of time becomes important.  The Russians, sick of all of this and wanting the resistance dead and gone for good, calls in one very disgruntled ex-Spetznaz colonel.  He was severely wounded in Afghanistan and can no longer fight, but he is an incredible leader with a unit of veteran commandos fanatically devoted to him.  EVERYONE is afraid of this guy.  He's given the task of cleaning the place up, and that means coming after the Resistance in force.

His guys are fresh out of Afghanistan (that's where the time comes in) and have been kicking Afghan ass for some time now.  They're more elite than elite, and their presence is very bad news for you.

When he gets there, he effectively becomes the leader of the country and clamps down even more on the citizens.  He stops at nothing to get the job done, no matter who dies in the process.

Other stuff:

The Black Op - you meet this guy almost immediately.  He's an SAS trooper who was inserted as the leader of a 4-man recon unit.  They were tasked with gathering intel and reporting back, but they were compromised.  All 3 of his teammates are dead and you find him hiding from the Russians in the same barn you end up fleeing to.  He has no other choice but to stay there and he becomes Jerome 1's bodyguard and your good friend.

A pilot:  (I don't know for sure when this guy comes into the story, I'll ask Radio)  This guy used to be a Cessna pilot for the local "airline" - it really wasn't one but he flew people around as a civillian.  He knows quite a bit about planes, especially military ones, because aviation is his passion.  He also knows the islands very well, helping you stay hidden.

Taxi driver:  (ditto the above) this guy is your black-market smuggler man.  He knows where to "acquire" stuff for the resistance.  He doesn't play a part in any of the action, as he still has his day job to attend to, but he has lots of information on almost everything you could ask for.

Told you it was a lot of material - and we haven't even gotten to the missions yet!  But don't worry, we have a good idea of how it will go.

The first mission or two will be information-gathering missions - you will have to go to X or talk to man Y.  So far you're not a problem as far as the Russians are concerned.  

Then you flee the ambushed meeting and hide out in the barn, finding the SAS soldier.  After that, a farmer brings you to the resistance and the story takes off from there.

*hopes Radiosilence shows up and clarifies some of this*

More to come, I suppose, later.

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Re:Old Resistance campaign...
« Reply #35 on: 29 Oct 2003, 15:24:51 »
Wow O_O!

Talk about details, you got enough! I can't wait to hear more about this- you two are amazing!  ::)  8)  :o

Tanks! 8)

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Re:Old Resistance campaign...
« Reply #36 on: 31 Oct 2003, 04:29:10 »
That's the basic setup, more will of course be revealed as the plot goes along.  I think, though, it will need to be streamlined a bit - there was a lot of wierd political stuff you had no control over going down, and I think it would be wiser to drop some of it.

Any other feedback?

*looks at Radio - did I get the important stuff?*


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Re:Old Resistance campaign...
« Reply #37 on: 02 Nov 2003, 10:27:42 »
This is like a narrative I wrote up for a resistance campaign entitled "The renaissance, the invasion, and the resistance.".  Enjoy:

As U.S. forces began appearing more often in other parts of the world, some of these parts began

taking to guns and the weaponry who were just farmers beforehand.  This was the time period known as

the renaissance.  It became the renaissance where weapons started to become an extention of self as

well as a tool for defence among commoners, or those who weren't involved in the military.  Gunplay

became art.  The Malden Island chain had its own military for years, very poorly funded and lacking

in power but this all began to change with the renaissance.  The truth behind the renaissance and

its timely arrival is known only to a few but then came the invasion.  The commoners who were a

part of the renaissance had now become warriors.  Not quite a resistance movement just yet.  The

flying machines or Helicopters as we called them would set down, wipe entire towns clear of enemy,

capture who they could amongst the civillians, drop off russian troops, then fly away.  As news of

the invasion spread to towns that hadn't seen war yet, gunplayers, gunsmiths, and warriors alike

began to gather and talk of a resistance movement, a unification of commoners with weaponry able to

deal with the threat at the cost of their own lives.  It'd take some time before common uniforms

could be dispatched.  But after a bit, the hunting store in an untaken town began handing out free

hunting uniforms for the resistance to be recognized by.  This is when the resistance was officially

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Re:Old Resistance campaign...
« Reply #38 on: 06 Nov 2003, 22:13:31 »
Hey, you got the story really well condensed! That's quite a feat, considering how many mumbo jumbo notes were mixed with the actual story.

I'd just like to add some stuff about the Soviet Council and the Spetz Natz Colonel. When Malden asks Kolgujev to help them, the Russians plant a small Council entirely made up of very high military officers to handle the economic plan that will strengthen the Malden economy (so it's not just permission to set up a training base that they request). They also take with them a small military force for "protection". The first thing they actually do in order to begin planting their regime is to make some potentially troublesome people dissappear, and to take over the Malden army for these purposes: making its own citizens dissappear (believe me, this has happened in many countries, it's not far-fetched). As time goes by, the resistance begins to form. The three Jeromes know each other and actually begin on the same resistance but they will later on go separate ways. THe thing is, during the first years of the Soviet regime, the first "terrorist" attempt takes place, injuring one of the key Soviet Officers. This is the perfect excuse to start bringing in regular soviet troops, choppers, etc (tho not tanks) for protection and transportation purposes.

As time continues to go by, the importation of soviet troops rises without checks, since the effective government is Soviet. The purpose of the Council is to actually keep the economy down in order to control the country. You can also imagine how they deal with free speech (that's why a jpournalist seems the best profession for the protagonist: he'll be at constant danger whether carrying an AK-47 or a camera).

All but one of the Council Members are Generals and Colonels of regular troops. The occupation begins in the mid 70s and reaches its summit around the time when the game begins. There is one member who enters the Council a couple of years after the occupation, a Colonel brought straight from the (then) ongoing Afghan war. Injured, he can't fight, etc (Seal already explained this much better). Even if the Council seems bloodthirsty, they maintain a little covertness in all they do, they act in secrecy. The Colonel stands out for being utterly dominant and for wanting an ever firmer action against rebels: outright war. That's why the Council is always trying to check the Colonel's power: it would be too messy to let the Colonel carry out his views. That's why they forbid the importation of any Spetz Natz troops: the Council knows that 1 spetz natz is worth 10 times as much as a regular soldier, and that they would give too much power to the Colonel. But, as the game continues, some members get killed, and the Colonel gets way too anxious. He manipulates Jerome 3 and knows that something terrible is going to happen and he has to act soon and on his own. In secrecy, he brings a lot of Spetz Natz troops straight from Afghanistan on a plane (that is considered lost to AA fire). One night, it rains Spetz Natz all over Malden and Everon. The tides change.

So it's really a story about sides not existing really, because they are corrupted by little bickerings and ambitions. The resistance is fragmented and the Council checks the only guy who could utterly destroy the whole resistance and save the SOviet Council from another threat: there are constant negotiations to convince the UK and friends to invade and recover Malden (that's the reason of the SAS Black Op reconning the island). It is very hard to conveince them, since they don't want to get caught in a domestic conflict. They must prove that this is a danger that could spread to other countries as well. But that's another story.

Anyway, all this was in the notes as a background proposal tho i'm not sure how much of this will make it into the story. We were thinking that a good, full intro and in-between cutscenes could explain all the story very clearly.

There are tons of other stuff that made up the story. Basically, the pilot would be someone who takes you places, and the taxi driver would act a little like the merchants in the fantasy role playing games -so a system of buynig-selling could be instituted, or something simpler, like having the cabbie bring you stuff (guns, ammo, info, pics, someone, etc) according to how well or bad you did on your last missions.

All of this, anyway, is so long because it's supposed to serve as a standing place to fire up the imagination.

I'm sure SEAL would've explained it much clearer.
Sorry for my english.

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Re:Old Resistance campaign...
« Reply #39 on: 18 Nov 2003, 06:00:22 »
Well, I've decided that I don't have the time or the necessary skills to tackle this, so, as I originally intended, it's up for grabs.

If anybody wants to take the idea, feel free - if you decide to run with it, drop me a PM or something and I'll be more than happy to help you out as a "story consultant" or something ;D

There are people out there who could make this happen editing-wise...I've seen you in action...I know you're out there ;)

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Re:Old Resistance campaign...
« Reply #40 on: 19 Nov 2003, 20:08:29 »
well well well...

hehehe - long long long time no see buddy 0 the campaign team of old returns  ;)

things have changed a wee bit - and lets say your favourite admin has left to serve the RAF (you know who i mean ;) )

good to have you back man - i've still got a lot of your storylines sitting on my old wreck of a pc here, and many of those missions we did manage to complete in the end - might see about upgrading them to 1.94 and releasing them... should be interesting.

anyways - think we parted on bad terms last time about the whole campaign team falling apart, but guess we can leave all that trouble behind us... sssssh, don't mention the campaign  ;)

catch you around fella :thumbsup:
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Re:Old Resistance campaign...
« Reply #41 on: 18 Jan 2004, 01:14:26 »
*Looks around*

Sorry gents, I've been unplugged from the Matrix for about a month now (back home on winter break) and I haven't been online.

But now I'm back in my dorm room ;D

Good to see you again Mezzy...sorry I got all loony at the end of the last campaign.  Going out like I did wasn't a smart move.

Anyway, since the new semester is just starting, I've got plenty of free time to sink into this game...I can't tear myself away from it, I really can't :P I said, I don't have the skill to tackle this campaign myself.  I kind of hope someone will pick it up and I can offer some help with the story.  

But even if nobody wants to take it, I think I'm putting myself up for hire as a mercenary story guy...if anyone needs a story writer, look me up.

*rambles without a point....*

Well that's all for now.  I'll be lurking, so I'll see you all of a sudden.