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Re:Observer Addon
« Reply #15 on: 06 Nov 2003, 05:27:48 »

You might also like to consider a threat assessment script within your system to choose the most appropriate asset to use.

I have one that tries to evaluate the target composition (All Infantry, All Armour, Vehicle & Infantry e.t.c) more to decide if it's a worthwhile target than anything else.

And another that needs more work, but decides if the observer needs to defend himself.

perhaps enact Denoirs Neural net as part of your decision making structure

Yes, I think this would be a good place to try it out. I think the role of Observer probably lends itself more to a Neural Net, than other AI tasks.

Email or PM BN880 first we can perhaps work with you on this.

Will do.


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Re:Observer Addon
« Reply #16 on: 01 Apr 2004, 12:37:40 »
I was wondering how this addon was going?

Have you released a final version? I hope so  :)


1: What happens in MP if I were to use your "FObinoccrouch" anim as a playmove in a third party script and the other clients dont have your Observer.pbo?

2: What happens in MP if I were to use your "FObinoccrouch" anim as a playmove in a third party script and the other clients DO have your Observer.pbo?

3: (This last question pertains to the above 2 questions and if it can be answered it will help me possibly integrate the observer unit into the ECP.)

Can the "FObinoccrouch" anim only be seen on all clients if it is the observer unit himself actually performing the anim and all clients have the Observer.pbo.

Sorry if these questions sound confusing, I hope i have defined them well enough for you.

I am personally having a real hard time sorting the ins and outs of global playmoves for MP in the ECP. And if these issues are sorted then I think this is an excellent candidate fot the ECP. :D --with your permission ofcourse.

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Re:Observer Addon
« Reply #17 on: 01 Apr 2004, 17:53:26 »
Nice one, it would be great if you could use it in ECP. Not sure it will be up to scratch at the moment though. There are a couple of niggling glitches, mainly down to the AI trying to do his own anims when I dont want them.

I did a quick test by creating and hosting a MP game on my PC, if you don't have the anim present it wont do anything. No errors, just no anim. So I guess anyone watching the Observer without the addon, would just see a guy without binoculars standing around.  With the addon in the addons folder (but not necessarily in the mission) it all works ok.

This would be awkward not just because of the disparity of anims, the client without the anims would have the observer in combat mode with its gun ready to fire. When in reality the other clients would have him as unarmed and busy.

I had to create it as an addon for two reasons, to give the guy the same eye sight as a Sniper and to be able to lock him into using binoculars. Without them he will still rattle of targets and call in fire missions, but without the enhanced detection abilities and with limited use of Binoculars.

Finding a script based solution to using binoculars would be the key, I could live without sniper vision as Binoculars alone do increase the AI's vision.

Other than that it is almost finished, Ive been developing it on the Desert Island so I have to adjust its targetting for the broken terrain of a regular OFP Island. Plus I want to see how it stands up under regular missions rather than just the ones I've made up.

It's easy enough to test for the presence of an addon using scripts, but how this would fit in with ECP I'm not to sure?


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