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which addons should i use?
« on: 11 Sep 2003, 12:33:04 »
Hi, my campaign is now 70% finished and  I still can't make up my mind on what kind of addons and how many I should use.
so far I use:
  • Schusch's Sarugao Island
  • Some misc gameplay tweaks by myself (~2MB)
i am also especially thinking about using:
  • BAS Choppers
  • BAS Deltas/Rangers and Weapons (if i get permission to mess with them)
  • KMM's International Units
  • C-Pack and vehicles
  • SEB's Ia-Trang Island
  • Klink's submarine
  • CoC's torpedos
Should I also use east addons? There are some good T90's and infantry units around but the problem is, the player will hardly get to see them since he is on the west side.
What do you think?
How many MB would you be willing to download? provided the campaign would turn out to be ...erm... quite good :-[

Part 1: Bootcamp: Player gets to know how the gameplay changes effect the way to fight + some funny cut-scenes. 8)
Part 2: Sarugao gets suddenly attacked by fascist-turned Nogova (or some other island)
Part 3: Sarugao fights back and invades Nogova

Expect a beta here in 2-3 weaks.
 Thanks for your comments. :D
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Re:which addons should i use?
« Reply #1 on: 11 Sep 2003, 14:22:01 »
If I were you, I would delete everything that may be considered recruiting. Stuff from BAS is good, as is the SEB nam pack stuff. Look on the Addon Discussion board and look for the thread "What Shall I download?"  That lists most of the good addons.  


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Re:which addons should i use?
« Reply #2 on: 11 Sep 2003, 15:47:20 »
If I were you, I would delete everything that may be considered recruiting.  
grumble  :-X

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Re:which addons should i use?
« Reply #3 on: 11 Sep 2003, 22:59:53 »
IMHO the most important thing with addons is not what they are or how many there are but what use you the mission designer makes of them.     If you use an addon, make sure it really adds something to the mission.    Much better to use a few addons well than a lot of addons badly.   There's nothing more annoying than downloading an addon then not using it in the mission.
Plenty of reviewed ArmA missions for you to play


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Re:which addons should i use?
« Reply #4 on: 11 Sep 2003, 23:18:26 »
Here are my recommendations:

First, remember that when playing any soldier, they will encounter a wide variety of enemy units and less friendly units.  If playing against the soviets, you should augment them with a larger variety of units.

All of the following addons can be found at /

Try to get the KORD 1.2.  It is basicly a tripod mounted machine gun, use it anywhere you would put the soviet manned M2 (I heard BIS used M2s for the soviets because they captured a large number of them).
Become obsesive with Kegetgy's Soviet weapons pack.  The RPK-74 is more common amongst Soviet Motorized Rifle Units than the PK.

As for soviet vehicles, try the BTR-60 or BTR-70.  BTRs are about as common as BMPs and are found in groups of 4 to 12 and tend to stay behind the front lines, shuttling people and equipment to the front.  They are similar to the M113 but are used more for escorting than for combat.  They fill the gap between BMPs and trucks.
Next, Schackal has made some excelent UAZ/URAL vehicles that are armed with MGs (soviet ones, not M2s) and remains less than 2MB (4 vehicles total).
Lastly, I encourage you to include the BMD 3 and BMD3M.  Both are similar (like the BMP1 is similar to the BMP2, yet totaly opposite) and fill the gap between heavy armor and infantry fighting vehicles.  Basicly, the BMD is a light tank, faster and weaker than the T-72 but more aggressive than the BMP (while still able to carry 4 passengers).

As far as friendly force equipment/units, I would stick with all BAS products and maybe the M249 pack and the M60 pack by Tales of War.  In American infantry units, there are usually 2 M249s in each squad supported by riflemen (5 M16s) and grenadiers (2 M16+M203s).  There are usually only 2-5 machine gunners per platoon of 30-40 men.  Even then, the US curently uses the M240 for these machine gunners, replacing the M60 (the BAS Rangers come with a good M240).  Use:

this addmagazine "BAS_M240mag"; this addweapon "BAS_M240B";

Ok, enough for now....


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Re:which addons should i use?
« Reply #5 on: 11 Sep 2003, 23:24:48 »
Woops.  Uh, to make a machine gunner that uses the M240 and you have the BAS Rangers/Deltas pack, place this in a machine gunner's init field:

removeallweapons this; this addmagazine "BAS_M240mag"; this addmagazine "BAS_M240mag"; this addmagazine "BAS_M240mag"; this addmagazine "BAS_M240mag"; this addmagazine "BAS_M240mag"; this addweapon "BAS_M240B";


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Re:which addons should i use?
« Reply #6 on: 23 Sep 2003, 20:35:47 »
I heard BIS used M2s for the soviets because they captured a large number of them

I suspect it was laziness...

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Re:which addons should i use?
« Reply #7 on: 25 Sep 2003, 13:58:07 »
Well, i agree to what Semith has suggested:

If you want to show your addons to the player, best
you can do it by using addons for the enemy side.

Rather than the KORD 12.7, i'd suggest you to use
the NSV 12.7 UTES which comes with the same
addon pack as the KORD.
Also you will find some nice APC's in this pack, e.g: the
BTR-80 (units mounted in cargo of it will be seen sitting
on the surface of the vehicle), or the BMD-3 in different

It's the: AKM74's APC pack:

Also, there is an absolutely brilliant russian infantry addon
made by LASER - GRU russian federation special forces

This pack i always have to say: is the best, russia has to
offer against the guys from BAS:

If you would like to have alternate russian than LASER's
ones, i'd say: mailmans + kegety's russian weapons.

Always a good addition to the ambiente of a military mission
is the: Baracken Addon v1.1

This one off course just in case you want to set up some cool
looking military bases, containing of more than only mash-tents
and some soldier tents:

Scroll down 'till you find PZfaustisland final version.
There you will see a seperate download link for the
Baracken Addon.

Also what i started like using is:

JAM-men with HD weapons.
This will make the enemies not being snipers with any
weapon. Once you are in a firefight against such HD troopers,
you will notice that bullet tracers are all around, but not every
second bullet will be followed by: oh no x is down.
Now you can try to run thru the bullets, going for a better spot
in that battle.

btw - also the NSV 12.7 UTES, mentioned above offers a HD

One more thing i noticed about that KORD or NSV guns;

once you killed the gunner, your guys still try to grenade that
evil thing off the map, but a little check for alive gunner, followed by a gun setdammage 1 will fix that.

*hint* - i'm always using a whole group with a getin waypoint
(open fire/combat) onto an empty gun. This makes other group
members remount the gun, after a previous gunner has been killed.

BAS addons i'd recommend everything from BAS, you can get. Especially the BAS_M240B hvy mg does sound sooo kewl when being fired beside you  :o

And IMHO, where nobody would have to say too much bad about, is: editorupdate and editorupgrade (keg's and gunslingers). I think almost everybody has been in touch
with these two, and they do not really eat too much space/time/effort, to be installed.

Sarugao, is already a good idea, as it offers a large variety
of different terrain: desert - military zones - civilized - ruins -
So i'd say: good job on choosing this one for your campaign.

SEB IA TRANG, may cause lag for some ppl, so that it could
happen that not too many would dload your map.

Also going for IA TRANG would only make sense when going
for the whole nam-pack, and not just to be able to play
another campaign (btw: Nogova + Sarugao seems ok, but
IA TRANG doesn't really fit into that kind of area)

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