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Twilight 2000 (based on)
« on: 19 Aug 2003, 11:36:13 »
I doubt if anyone would remember this 80's RPG, so how about this:

A campaign based on the brief aftermath of a major world war. Your a small unit (5 men) with a beat up M2A2 that became seperated after the last offensive the west took on the front. It failed and you have no idea whose left. WAY behind enemy lines you have to try to get back home. Fighting centers in among Soviet divisions, rogue units meandering about and cities ruled by warlords. Low on fuel, Low on ammo, you embark on a campaign with a similar nature to that of Resistance, but in a world with no clear mission or defined sides or rules of war. It's chaos.

Choices would play a large factor throughout the campaign (I.E. to help a small family of farmers to hunt down a raiding party or not to help them). Better weapons and vehicles would come along (with you or against you). Maybe even the possibility of turning your small group into a large army.

But that's it.

What do you think?