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Author Topic: New campaign: 1988  (Read 1016 times)

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New campaign: 1988
« on: 08 Sep 2002, 14:34:38 »
Wasup every1?

Anyway I just want to say I started a new campaign on OFP. Called the Front Line, you play the part of a rookie Lieutenatn called Greg Jones. Its 3 years after the Cold War Crisis that was Operation: Flashpoint. Its 1988 and The Soviet Union is currently at war with Afghanistan and have won. And have now focused their sights on the Western world.

They invade Malden and Everon and Kolgujev. You must have BIB Royal Marines addon and Capt. Moore C130, which is brilliant!! The first mission sees you dropped behind enemy lines and you along with 2 other squads must take Morten and then repel a serious enemy counter-attack. I am just putting the finishing touches on it and will be in beta by next week.

The 2nd mission which is 10% complete, sees the outcome of a small skirmish on Malden the 2nd Soviet Armoured Division broke through our lines taking over 90% of Malden, and the rest of the NATO troops must retreat. In this mission you play a British Royal Marine corporal in a squad and you must fight your way to a port where the evac point is, but there is a twist at the end.

Help would be appriciated.

c ya
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