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Author Topic: Old Western Themed Missions  (Read 868 times)

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Old Western Themed Missions
« on: 07 Sep 2002, 05:43:49 »
Ive noticed latley that people like the old western shootout type maps, Ive only seen 2 though and one was one that i made. I was wonderin how many of you think that making like a series of western missions is a good idea? and what type of stuff should go into it. I was already thinking like having a posse chasing after people and stuff like that.


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Re:Old Western Themed Missions
« Reply #1 on: 24 Sep 2002, 19:32:44 »
Good idea. The way OFP's lay'd out (3rd and 1st person views, etc) are fine for a mod like that although a lack of horses, well animals in general in OFP might make it a bit of an odd 'Western' game. Weapons and skins would be easy to make though. :)