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Author Topic: Special Forces mission  (Read 746 times)

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Special Forces mission
« on: 10 Jul 2003, 17:54:53 »
A while back I posted about a mission where your in Iraq and a plane gets shot down you go over discover some SCUDs, get spotted, E&E (Escape and Evasion).

I've changed the mission premises. Instead of Iraq it takes place in an island chain off the coast of Russia.

Heres the basic storyline

There is an island about the size of iceland, about 350 miles off the coast of Russia name Krazhpoli. It was part of the Soviet Union until its downfall, and it was declared a country. It was in great need of aid, the countrys economy was shattered, it was so bad at one point $1, 000, 000 Krazhpoli dollars was £5/$7. So, the UN decided aid would be given to them, the US kindly gave Krazhpoli $2 billion. The country was soon back on its feet. There was a huge coup against the current goverment, which at the time was capitalist, and a right wing party known only as Free Europe took over and soon placed a facist dictatorship president in control of the country. The president Vladimir Lukininski, immediately  set out to rearm Krazhpoli, and purchased a number of armoured vehicles and aircraft. Soon he had just under 1,000 men in his army. 600 were airlifted to a nearby island Duigervici (Everon) and set out massacaring civilians and taking the island. There were heated arguements in the UN but no Krazhpoli representative appeared at any of the meetings. The president declared all surrounding islands and Duigervici officially his property and part of a new Krazhpoli.  They were given 56 days to withdraw all troops that deadline has come and they havent budged, 3 days before a HUGE coup attempted to take over the goverment as only 1/5 people had a job and 1/3 were living on the streets. 500 troops were taken off Duigervici  and were used to combat the coup. So 100 troops were left on, a great time for the SAS to move in and do there thang......
You must kill 3 officers and destroy a SCUD.

Any comments are welcome

Well this mission has been completed for about 3 weeks. But I need a host. If you want it IM me.