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MP Mission Idea - Tankbusters
« on: 08 Jul 2003, 15:17:31 »
Hi All

I feel the current crop of MP missions don't really play to OFP's strengths. CTF and CAH don't really inspire me.

So here's my Idea.

2 teams US and Soviet's 8 men each.

Set on Kolguev.

There are 2 bases on either side of the island they are both overlooked by hills with a forest on.

So the object of the mission is to destroy the 3 battle tanks in your opponents base. For added nastyness whoever loses will have the respawn on their vehicles switched off and 3 Laser Guided Bombs (The largest explosive in the game) will pound their base before the winning team is announced.

Each team will be provided with the following


3 jeeps/UAV's
1 chopper with no ammo - movement and spying only.
1 truck
1 boat
1 Radar boat
1 anti-aircraft vehicle. No fuel.

Weapons available

Sniper rifles
Anti tank rockets
Standard firearms
Detonation Packs

Use of Radar
The radar will detect any enemy forces within 500 meters of your base and any within 250 meters. A message will be displayed to all players once these radar area's are breached.
e.g. "The US forces are less than 500 meters from the Soviet Base"

I'll hide certain weapons on the island plus sports cars of course and provide 2 bombers at the airport. (Does Kolguev have an airport?). Whoever takes the airport will have a significant advantage.

All vehicles and troops will respawn back at the home base.

What do you think?
I like the idea that it's not flag based and it's purely up to you how you achieve your objective. I could add some AI troops in there too for some support. Or I could add Resistance AI troops as a 3rd force who is freindly to no-one. Have them protect the airport and other key installations.

Let me know your thoughts on this.
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Re:MP Mission Idea - Tankbusters
« Reply #1 on: 08 Jul 2003, 16:58:28 »
Ya i was actually working on something similar to this only its not blowing tanks up... ANd kolgujev doesnt have an air port but there is a big open beach at the bottom of the island somewhere that is long enough to take off from.  You should also consider adding planes like the Cessna as a recon vehicle to your idea.


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Re:MP Mission Idea - Tankbusters
« Reply #2 on: 08 Jul 2003, 17:32:55 »
Yes. I don't want the player to join as a plane though. I want them to have the option to use this if they choose to.

I'll check out that map tonight and see what I can do with the airport type area.




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Re:MP Mission Idea - Tankbusters
« Reply #3 on: 08 Jul 2003, 18:08:31 »
I like that idea. You should add in some suprises like if, say a US man takes the jeep to scout down a certain route, the engine suddenly cuts (use the setfuel command) and then all the Russian players are alerted of the US player stuck there, and the stuck player can't move out of that area. His team have to come and rescue him.


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Re:MP Mission Idea - Tankbusters
« Reply #4 on: 08 Jul 2003, 18:46:49 »
Or how about a Radar booster bonus where it reveals the location of all enemy units on the map to your team for a minute or so.

The radar thing has a lot of potential and shouldn't be too hard to script. I'm pretty sure that it's been done somewhere on this site.

I was considering having a hunter killer AI unit for each team. You can set it off and it will circle the island attacking anything it sees except the enemy's tanks in their base. The tanks will be locked with no fuel by the way so that they cannot be used in game.

I was going to use scuds as a target and have the teams go get fuel from a central dump. Whoever get's 3 barrels of fuel back to their base first can launch their scuds and win the match. I suppose I could add this as another way to win.

The main point of this is to have your 8 man team organise themselves. 2 of the team may want to constantly try to attack the enemy's base. 2 more might want to defend. Another group could go and secure the airfield.

That's the beauty of OFP. The flexibility.

Should be fun putting this together and quite easy.

I'll let you know how I get on.



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Re:MP Mission Idea - Tankbusters
« Reply #5 on: 08 Jul 2003, 19:39:41 »
this sounds like several different missions ive played rolled into 1 mission

i wish i could remember the names
i think tiny town tank fest i think was one of them a rather fun one too


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Re:MP Mission Idea - Tankbusters
« Reply #6 on: 09 Jul 2003, 11:12:25 »
Where are all the OFP multiplayer missions. There are no decent one's  on this site.



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Re:MP Mission Idea - Tankbusters
« Reply #7 on: 10 Jul 2003, 13:18:31 »
OK I thought I'd add an update as to where I am up to in my scripting and mission building for this.

Just to remind you that the object of the mission is to destroy the 3 battle tanks in your opponants home base anyway you can.

Vehicle Respawns

A single script handle's all the vehicle respawns run from the server.

As we all know some vehicles will not move but are not considered dead by the game so i also added a remote destruct fuction from the home bases of each side.

Command Post

If player approaches the command post (team flag pole) they are given certain options in the add action menu. If they move  5 meters away from the command post these options are removed.

Currently there are only options to destroy each of your team vehicles. This allows you to call back any vehicles to home base if the team had to leave them somewhere or the vehicle has become stuck. I may add other actions to the command post such as Sattelite imaging and a radar booster.


Currently teams are warned when an enemy unit is within 500 meters of their base. There is also a warning at 250 meters. This was easy as I just used triggers for this. I may change this to a script.
I need to work out how to deactivate these triggers if the teams radar boat is destroyed.


Each team has a scud launcher.
Currently the scuds launch cycle begins when a fuel truck is brought within 10 meters of it. There is only 1 fuel truck on the island. Triggering this alerts all players that a team has managed to fuel their scud and that 5 minutes remain before scud launch. If scud is destroyed during this period then a message informs all players that the scud countdown has been aborted due to the scud being destroyed. Scud launchers can be destroyed at any point in the game. Killing the scud driver will also prevent launch. The fuel truck can be stolen by the opposing team and used to fuel their scud even after that team has attempted to launch.

Fuel Benefits

The bonus of capturing the fuel truck is that you can then fuel your AA vehicle (shilka for sov's vulcan cannon for US) and use this offensivly rather than just a defense turret.

Cyanide capsules

Each player is given the action to commit suicide. This is a fast way to return to your home base due to respawn and a way to get out of a situation where they've had their legs blown off. I've crawled too far in MP games to allow this to happen in mine.

Still to come (some ideas I had for future development)

Air raid beacons

Plant the beacon in the ground and let home base know. Players at home base can call in airstrike from command post.


Once per game teams can call in AI squad of troops via AI chopper to their location.

Satellite Imaging

From command post a player can call up a camera view of each player on the battlefield in their team.

Remote camera's

Players can plant remote cameras anywhere on the island. Camera's are then viewable from the command post and cannot be destroyed.


So far I have found all of this really easy to put together. Rather suprising!

Let me know if you have any comments on this.


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Re:MP Mission Idea - Tankbusters
« Reply #8 on: 10 Jul 2003, 15:11:35 »
i like it, means it requires skill, not just firepower.
when's it gonna be done?


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Re:MP Mission Idea - Tankbusters
« Reply #9 on: 10 Jul 2003, 17:26:24 »
I've almost finished the scripting and map stuff.

Anything else I do after this will be just tarting it up with music and titles and a briefing and such.

I'll post this at the weekend for beta testing. I'm still a bit sketchy on the whole server vs client script running thing. I guess the proof will be in the testing.

I'll post here when I've posted it for beta.



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Re:MP Mission Idea - Tankbusters
« Reply #10 on: 10 Jul 2003, 17:30:02 »
This really sounds good. I wanna play this, but I don't have a damned clue how to set up OFP online. I go to multiplayer and then nothing happens.

Captain Winters

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Re:MP Mission Idea - Tankbusters
« Reply #11 on: 10 Jul 2003, 18:17:34 »
U have to click on 'LAN" and change it to 'INTERNET'. Or just use GameArcade 4 games :D

Tanks! 8)


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Re:MP Mission Idea - Tankbusters
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Re:MP Mission Idea - Tankbusters
« Reply #13 on: 15 Jul 2003, 14:53:24 »

Here's the Breifing and Overview for Tankbusters V0.1 beta.


Welcome to Tankbusters 0.1 beta

Two teams battle it out to wipe out each other's stationary tank targets.

Destroy the enemy radar to make your attack more effective!
Destroy the enemy scud launcher to prevent counter attack!
Destroy their Anti Aircraft to cripple their defenses!

Will you launch your scud at the enemy?
Sneak in and deliver a satchel charge?
Or launch a full scale attack and see how it comes off?

The choice is up to you and your team.


Welcome to Tankbusters version 0.1 beta

Soviets Vs US Forces

To destroy 3 stationary battle tanks in your opponents base.


US Forces

3 x Jeep (respawnable)
1 x Truck (respawnable)
1 x UH60 Blackhawk (respawnable, No Ammo)
1 x Vulcan Cannon (no fuel, not respawnable)
1x Scud Launcher (no fuel, not respawnable)


M21 (Sniper Rifle)
M4 (XMS)
Law Launcher (Light Antitank Weapon)
Satchel Charges

Soviet Forces
3xUAZ (respawnable)
1x Ural Truck (respawnable)
1x MI17 (respawnable, no ammo)
1x Shilka (not respawnable, No Fuel)
1x Scud Launcher (not respawnable, no fuel)

Dragunov (Sniper Rifle)
Karl Gustave RPG
Satchel Charges

Respawn rules

All units will respawn on death to their starting positions after a 5 second wait. All vehicles will respawn to thier starting positions after a 2 second wait.

Each player is issued with Cyanide capsules. This will cause violent death instantly and return you to your home base on respawn.
The winning outcome has nothing to do with how many times a player has died so do not be hesitant to use these capsules if you need to get back to base quickly.

Command Posts

Each team has a flag post in their base. When this is approached by a player from that team the player will receive 5 options in the action menu. Using the command post you are able to remote destruct your respawnable vehicles (3 cars, a truck and your chopper). They will be instantly transported back to base. (Warning! check that your teammates are not in the vehicle at the time of destruct order. heh heh!)

Fuel and Scud launchers

At the start of a game the scud missiles that are located in each base are not fueled. They cannot launch without fuel.
There is only one fuel truck on the island. This is located at the fuel dump indicated on the map.

If you can return the fuel truck to your home base and bring the truck within 5 meters of your scud launcher the fueling process will begin. It takes 5 minutes to fuel the scud missile and the missile will launch the moment fueling has completed. If the scud is destroyed before the fueling process has completed then no launch will occur. The scud launcher can be destroyed at any time during the game (it's probably best to catch it before it unloads it's cargo of mass destruction though!). Needless to say the result of a successful scud strike against your opponents will be a win game scenario. Tanks don't react well to large missile attacks.


Each team has radar coverage surrounding their bases. You will receive a warning alerting you that an enemy unit is within 500 meters of your base and another warning once the 250 meter threshold is breached.
Your radar is provided by your Radar boat. The location of your boat is also indicated on the map. If your boat is destroyed  then your radar capability will be removed and no more warnings will be issued to your team.

Vehicle info

Your teams chopper has had it's teeth removed. No ammo is provided to your team for this vehicle. This vehicle is provided for transport purposes only.
Your Anti Aircraft vehicle has no fuel. Use this vehicle to defend your base. Of course if one of your team were to obtain a fuel truck from somewhere then your AA vehicle could be on the move in no time.


Your tanks have crews in. You may see them bail out if your tanks are attacked. Be nice to them please they have a hell of a job. Your tanks have no fuel and are locked. They are not intended to be used as offensive or defensive weapons in this game. Only as targets.

That's it for a briefing!

Have fun and for God's sakes be careful out there!

p.s. Oh by the way. The civilians in these parts are very militant and may have gotten their hands on some rather nice equipment recently. I'm sure they stashed them away somewhere safe but if your team were to find them you might find yourselves at an advantage over your opponents.

Happy hunting.

I should be posting this Mission on the beta testing forum tonight. Depends how long getting the overview and breifing takes.

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Re:MP Mission Idea - Tankbusters
« Reply #14 on: 15 Jul 2003, 15:19:59 »
very nice mate, I think one of the most important things to remember, is that in a briefing, and even more so in manuals (to make my point), people like to know that there's lot's of info in there, even if they're not gonna use it. It makes you look very pro, and gives an overall good feel to the final product.