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Author Topic: Freed Forever  (Read 922 times)

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Captain Winters

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Freed Forever
« on: 05 Jul 2003, 20:02:16 »
I got bored last night and wrote this up and thought it'd maker a cool BAS campaign. Any Ideas?

Campaign Title: "Freed Forever"
Number of Missions: 17
Island: Skye V2, Winter Nogovo
Player: Delta Operative

Overview: A uranium mine in Chad (Saruago) is taken over by a terrorist organization, "Freed Forever".
NATO only finds out days later- leaving time for the uranium to be mined and shipped to tons of nationalists all over the world.

Missions (Brief):

PART ONE: -Summer 2003, Sarugao-
   1) Hostile Takeover*- The mine (currently ran by civies)  is taken over by the terrorists.
   2) Days Late*- The US President finds out about the takeover and warns the UN of the action.
   3) Takin' Action*- Delta is notified of the ordeal and prepares to take action.
   4) The Raid- Delta Assualts the uranium mine, only to discover 500lbs of uranium missing... along    
   with all of the hostiles.
   5) Left Behind*- A man is found left behind and Delta discovers this man knows of a list to where    
   the uranium was shipped.  
   6) That Piece Of Shit?- The player is selected to raid the tiny field house that is suspected to hold    
   the list and finds it.
   7) The Big Suprize- The player is picked up and transported back to base and returns the list to the    
   CO, and discovers Russia was the buyer of 250lbs of the uranium, along with five other terrorist    
   organizations (all Russain). Finding out that the Russian Government bought uranium violates    
   enough treaties to start World War III.
   8) Notification*- The president finds out about Russia purchasing the uranium. Then it was the    
   congress, and the the public. The public is told this will be settled by 'Peaceful Resolve', and war    
   will be avoided by all costs.
   9) The Big Briefing*- Delta is told of their next field of operations, Russian territory. All matters    
   need to be solved covertly without the Russian public being notified of the US presence. The men    
   board ship and leave for Russia.

PART TWO: -Winter 2003-2004, Russia-
   10) Battle Plans- A One man team is sent into a Russian beach base and takes out all defenses, so    
   the American forces (twenty men) have a staging area.
   11) Detected Presence*- Dimitri Luz (Four-Star Russain General) is notified, by an escaped member    
   of the beach base, of the American Presence.
   12) How's It Gonna Be?*- Delta plans how things are going to act out for the next few days, and    
   intercepts a phone call of a party Vasilii Luz (General's Son) will be attending and plans to kidnap    
   him for ransom (which is the uranium).
   13) The Big Move- The plan is carried out and the son is captured. The General becomes quite    
   scared for his son's fate.
   14) The Call*-Delta calls the General and tells him the bargain. He accepts, and they planned a un-   
   armed exchange.
   15) The Deal- The exchange is carried out, but the General pulls a handgun on the player and is    
   shot and killed. A huge battle insues and the son is kill as well. The uranium is secured, but only    
   250lbs of the 500lbs missing is accounted for. The Delta Operatives had forgotten about the other    
   terrorist organizations.
   16) Unforseen Consequenses*- A total of four different nukes are fired on the United States by the
   other Russian terrorist groups an then we...


   17) Credits*- Credits roll by and a message, "Delta's Ops Had Only Began", flashes on the screen.

* = Cinematic

So you guys got any ideas on it? I thik it has some potential :D

Tanks! 8)
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Re:Freed Forever
« Reply #1 on: 07 Jul 2003, 12:11:04 »
so thats it is it? ???
well I like it. sounds like my type of campain actually
but as to the end when it says "Delta's Ops Had Only Began" sounds like it could be a bigger campaign
and also BAS have no winter units as of yet so maybe it could be changed round unless you want them to be wearing the woodland uniform, I dont really mind.
but I think it will be a great campain if it gets made

Offline Batdog

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Re:Freed Forever
« Reply #2 on: 09 Jul 2003, 12:12:28 »
woodland uniform. :-\ thats not very camoflagied. White and green dont go together. light Grey, blue and Red  ;D
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Captain Winters

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Re:Freed Forever
« Reply #3 on: 09 Jul 2003, 16:51:40 »
Yea I know. I gota tink of sumthin to get around dat  ;) :)

Tanks! 8)