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Author Topic: Belgium 1944 Mod  (Read 776 times)

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Belgium 1944 Mod
« on: 29 Jun 2003, 19:54:39 »
I'am throwing an idea for Mod based on a last nazi offensive in ardennein in Belgium 1944. Think it: (from "Band of brothers") lot's of artillery, you and your team attaking into enemy village with crossfire from own troops and nazi MG-42's. You do in and see a Tiger I, which fires other teams down, but can't move. With some kind of campaign where your ammo capacity is loving all the time and no kind of knowledge of when supports will come. Mission ideas: a convoy protection, your a recon man of a american patajon and you reach the enemy stations, comandin a whole assault to a village with 2 companies using CoC command engine. Nazi: dropping to woods full of american AA fire. What a mood that would bring to a player.

American campaign: your a officer whos team and company is moved to ardennein starts with a truck thing, efforts to take a village and finally driving the nazis out of ardennein.
Nazi campaign: starts with a drop to woods full of american fire, protecting village from taking it, get's left into behind enemy lines figth to owns and covering convoys driving away from Ardennein.

It would need to little modify tanks and troops into winter camo. Any help coming into me like modellers, island makers and voice actors. I can make missions.

Thanks, it's long, but I have thougth this for a while.