Faces ProfileTutorial


This tutorial is designed to give you step by step instructions on changing your profile picture to a custom image. The tutorial applies to ArmA, so if you need to know about faces in OFP check out this tutorial from the Editors Depot.

Selecting a face

First you need to find yourself a custom face or you can design your own based on any of the examples within the Faces Library. You can download in the OFPEC Faces Library. Once you have found one you like go ahead and click the download button and save the image to your hard drive.

Where do you put the face?

The image must go in your profile folder. For most people it will be:

C:\Documents and Settings\YourWindowsUserName\My Documents\ArmA\Users\YourProfileName

The image must be named face.jpg for Armed Assault to recognize it, so go ahead and change the file name to 'face.jpg'.

Applying the face to your profile

The next step is to load up Armed Assault. If you have Armed Assault already loaded, don't fret, you don't need to reload Armed Assault.

Click the Profile button in the upper left hand corner where it says Player or your Armed Assault name.

Next choose which profile you would like to apply the custom face to and click Edit.

Remember to make sure that you copy the file to the appropriate profile and that you choose that profile.

Now scroll through the list and choose Custom Face. If the option Custom Face doesn't appear it means that Armed Assault cannot find the face.jpg. You either copied it to the incorrect profile folder, incorrectly named the image or you need to refresh the faces list by backing out to the Choose Profile menu and then checking the list of faces again.


  • Images need to be less then 100kb and in some cases some servers will require even smaller files.
  • Images must be in PAA format to be utilize in a mission.
  • Servers which don't allow custom faces may render your face completely white, be sure to check this when you join a server
  • The AI can't tell if you have a custom face or not, but humans can so you may wish to stay away from colorful faces.
  • If you own an ATI card, your face may appear brighter (lighter) then normal or intended to look. You need to convert the face from JPG to PAA using TexView found in the Editors Depot.