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[ArmA] RTEV by i0n0s

Version 5
Added 08 Feb 2009
Downloads 846
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A real time editor for ArmA.

Edit your maps in 3D and real-time using a completly new editing interface. Export your maps and play with them.

Sample videos using the RTE:
Real Time Editor V - What's new?
Real Time Editor Promovideo
Tutorial: Quickstart
Tutorial: Behaviour
Tutorial: Export
Time Control
Fun with the RTE


You can find a manual at http://rte.jonasscholz.de/manual

Editing features:

  • Creating units in exactly places
  • You can use it with every mod - script reads units(vehicles) from config
  • Works in your language
  • More graphical hud
  • Mouse has been enabled
  • Selecting and moving units
  • and much more

Editing controls:

  • Pause menu: Enable the RTE
  • w, s, a, d, mouse wheel and arrows - moves camera
  • LMBx2 Creates units
  • RMB moves selected units

The keys can get customized ingame.


Install RTE Capture via the setup file. RTE Capture will install RTE on its first run.

Thanks to:

All creators of RTE V3, FABfm, HulkingUnicorn, kju, loki, Matt Rochelle, Old Bear, savedbygrace, Sickboy, Spooner, trooper_ryan, wipman.

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