Writing a Readme

By Cheetah

Armed Assault and Operation Flashpoint are a special breed of games. Next to standard singleplayer and multiplayer you can let your own imagination go free by making your own content. Addons, scripts, missions or whole campaigns can be constructed with some tools kindly provided to you.

It is probably your dream to make the most popular, enjoyable unofficial content, but sometimes one important element is overlooked: a readme.

A readme is often a plain text file distributed together with the custom-made content. It contains information about the author, known bugs, a description of the content and a lot more.

Sadly, a readme is not always supplied with the mission, addon or script. Sometimes it has been named in a strange way, or it is written in an odd format. The information in the readme might not be up to date or can be incomplete.

This tutorial will teach those interested how to supply a proper readme along with custom files.

* * *

Title: The Butterfly Mission
Version: 0.94
Author: Frizzl
E-mail: frizzler@butterfly.com
Release date: 23rd of August
Game (version): ArmA 1.14
Gametype: SP
Addons required:

Mission Summary: The bunnies are coming close to our forest. Butterflies, unite yourselves!

Credits: Thanks to Bear for his butterfly voice acting.

Change log:

- Added more friendly butterflies.
- Fixed enemy reinforcements bug

- Beta Release