By kalasnikov471

What is the Alpha Channel?

The Alpha channel is basically like a layer in a image that defines transparency when it is combined with a background. The Alpha channel consists of two main colours, white and black. If the alpha channel is completely white the background image will not be transparent, if the alpha channel is completely black the background image will be completely transparent. Think of it like a special layer telling the computer were to make the image transparent. But we will get to that a little bit later on, first lets take a look at what we will need to start.

I always get people asking me to add the Alpha channel to their images so that they can use them in their OFP or ArmA missions, addons and so on or people want me to teach them to make the Alpha channel themselves because there isn’t really a proper tutorial out in the community explaining everything around the Alpha channel. So I decided to write this tutorial explaining the basics of adding an Alpha channel to an image and then get it working right in Operation Flashpoint or Armed Assault.