Norrin's Revive Script (Desc)

By norrin

This package of scripts creates playable units that fall unconcious when killed, which can then be revived. Enabling the ability to revive and heal other players, along with the combination of revive and respawn can really enrich your mission.The scripts can be used to: enforce co-operation between players - as you'll need to stick together and help one another to successfully complete missions; limit the number of lives given to each player in respawn missions; and to provide a choice of multiple respawn points. These canned scripts take the guess work out of building respawn and revive into your mission. The revive packages come in 2 flavors, this tutorial consists of using the AI enabled scripts.

  1. Designed for use with AI-enabled CO-OP missions or hybrid solo/multiplay
  2. Designed for use with NO AI enabled missions
Revive v61.d
Revive v61.d