By Cheetah

When using a lot of texts to display in hints, titleTexts and radio messages it can be hard to find all the messages if you want to change something. That is why there is a file called 'stringtable.csv' which can be used to store all the texts in a mission!

To use one, use the template in the Example Mission or open up notepad and save as "stringtable.csv". Do not use Excel (default program to open .csv) to open the stringtable file. You do not need Excel, use notepad.

With the stringtable, you can add multiple language versions of each line of text depending on the version the player uses (Spanish, German, default: English).

The way the stringtable is made is easy to understand and use:

STR_I1,"Hello","Hola","Guten Tag"
STR_I2,"Hey John, how are you?"

As you see, the "," (comma) is used as a seperator between the different parts. The first part, here "STR_I1" will be used as the identifier for the text associated with it.

There are two methods to implement the strings in the stringtable. The first involves the "description.ext" - a method which will be discussed in the next chapter, the second uses the command localize. At the start of the mission we have a radio message displayed on the screen. Let's put it in the stringtable and use "localize" to display it.

The stringtable should be setup like the following:


Image 1

In the mission, go to the small island to the west of Rahmadi and open up the trigger we use for displaying the radio message. Next, replace the message with the code in the image (Image 1). If you preview the mission, you will see that the radio message gets displayed, meaning that we got it to work!

Feel free to add more texts to the mission, either by using the sideChat command, or use hint or titleText. Examples of code to use are below.

Using titleText: titleText [localize "STR_M2","PLAIN"];

Using hint: hint localize "STR_M3";

In the next chapter, we will add messages upon completing some of the objectives. We'll do that in conjunction with the "description.ext" - a powerful, but more complicated way.