By Cheetah

Image 1

In the 6th Chapter we have added triggers to the mission. Before, in chapter 5, we did waypoints. As some might have realised, these two aren't fully functioning at the moment. The group we want to act as reinforcements moves in without delay. And the trigger with the condition to switch to "true" once the player has been detected does nothing.

So, let's explore the function 'synchronize' which is available to you from the editor on the right side in the green block of buttons. You can select this one by either pressing F5 or clicking on the button. What is it used for? As the name says it synchronizes stuff you place on the map. We will use it to synchronize our waypoints and triggers with each other.

To synchronize (Image 1), draw a line (with 'synchronize' selected) between the trigger for detection and the 1st waypoint of the reinforcements group. Why the first waypoint? A group will move towards a waypoint you synchronize (Ch. 4 - waypoint status). If you have two waypoints - one "MOVE" and one "DESTROY" - and you want to have a delay before activating "DESTROY", synchronize the "MOVE" waypoint with a trigger. This will make a group move towards the "MOVE" and stop until the trigger gets activated. After synchronising the two, a blue line will appear. Effectively linking the trigger and waypoint.

Image 2

There is another group of reinforcements which has to be delayed. We placed a countdown trigger, with it we are going to delay the group for 30 seconds. Let's synchronize the first waypoint of the group (placed before entering the truck) with the countdown trigger (Image 2).

By synchronizing these two - the mission should play different. The truck will arrive later, you can change the time to, for example, 60 seconds. Also, the other group will wait until you have been detected. Allowing for a more stealthy playstyle before being contronted with an additional group of enemies to deal with.

This concludes most of the work on the mission in the editor. By looking at the menu you might have noticed that you're not even halfway! That is because there is so much more to be explored. There are a lot of external files which you can use to improve your mission even further. Adding a briefing, overview and scripts will be explained in the next few chapters. Note however, that the mission stands and should be playable. However, it misses the bells and whistles required to make a mission feel complete.