This tutorial is currently being revised. Please bare with us during the process as there is much subject matter to cover. Thank you for your patience.

     Welcome to the world of BIS mission editing! It is a vast world to explore, full of surprises, difficult mazes and a lot of life. The number one stumbling block to editors is not having a real grasp for the potential of the editor. This will directly affect the quality and creativity of your work. The best editors are players first and so to understand a great deal about your workplace, its best to see it in action. The only remedy for this is to download and play the oodles of user made missions out there. When you have attained the rank of veteran from the player's perspective, then it is only fitting to begin creating your own projects.

     In this tutorial you will learn lots of things about editing BIS game titles, basically what everyone who looks at the editor wants to know - and more! There are so many tips and tricks included here that you will most likely learn a thing or two. After digesting this tutorial, you'll be able to create an above average mission and as you gain experience - the sky is the limit! The tutorial is divided into a few categories, each with several chapters giving more insight on specific subjects. If you are new, start with Chapter 1 and go through all of them! If you already have some experience, go to any chapter that draws your attention.

     Easy-to-read text combined with lots of images will help develop a trained mind for mission editing. As the tutorial continues, a mission will take form. With every chapter, new stuff will be added to enhance the mission further. In the end, there will be an enjoyable mission to play - the final product! Download the example mission that fits your requirements at one of the links below. Throughout the tutorial I will refer to each game by acronym.

  • OFP = Operation Flashpoint Resistance version 1.96 (mission download not available yet)
  • ArmA = Armed Assault version 1.18 (mission download not available yet)
  • Arma2 = ARMA2 version 1.05 (mission download not available yet)

     It's a good idea to have the mission running while you read through the tutorial so you can see what's happening. In the case that some subjects aren't clear after reading the tutorial, ask a question in the OFPEC forum.