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Registered by: ag_smith on 30 May 2003

Information Hi!

Please visit my webpage for the full and up-to-date list of my completed projects.

Agent Smith
Website http://home.elka.pw.edu.pl/~kpalka/ags/
Community Activity Addon Maker
Speciality Immersive environments recreation. Maps and object production. :)
Recently completed [b]Environmental projects[/b]
- CAT/AGS Afghanistan Revisited v1.0
- Industrial Buildings Pack v3.0
- 3WX Buildings Pack v1.2
- Commercial Buildings Pack v2.51
- Harbour Pack v1.3

[b]OFPL Mod - Polish Army Projects[/b]
- WPS mini-mod
- OFPL Ext. Pack
- OPFL AirPack
- OFPL Mi 8/17 pack
- OFPL Objects & SP-32

[b]Misc projects[/b]
- M113 w/ Hellfire Longbow
Work In Progress - Harbour Pack update
- Industrial Buildings Pack fix/update

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