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Owned by: ArmA Francais Mission Development
Registered by: Smoke on 28 May 2003

Information AFMoD - Armee Francaise Mission Developpement
We were a team of french mission makers, completly dedicated to bring you high quality missions and campaigns.
Now AFMoD is working with SAAF Team to provide high Quality MP Missions on ArmA.
Website http://www.afmod.com
Community Activity Mission design
Speciality Mission/campaign and map-design.
Recently completed OFP SP Missions :
- Solheimar I, II, III
- Coup Fatal
- Komoé I, II
- PC7 infiltration
- White wolves
- Dono Island

OFP SP Campaigns :
- Red Tiger (6 missions and Chodo North Korean Island)
- Cancoon (10 missions and Cancoon Island)

OFP Addons :
- Soldiers Felin v2.0
- Soldiers 2è REI
Work In Progress Arma MP missions :
- Solheimar V3.0

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