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Owned by: hcpookie
Registered by: hcpookie on 28 Mar 2011

Information NOTE that I am now using a V2 Key! The full tag is labelled "POOK_V2" and is included with my mods. My original V1 key was labelled "POOK". I have retired the V1 key, and have re-signed all my mods that had the V1 key.
Website n/a
Community Activity participation, lurking, mall ninja
Speciality network engineer
Recently completed - BRDM2 Improved Units
- 1S91 Radar conversion (Arma1 port)
- SA9 unit from FZA (Arma1 port)
- A2 unit backpacks config (config-only addon for USMC, CDF, RU, NAPA, CHDKZ).
- M1161 ITV
- MV22 M134 door gunners
- Deployable Camo Nets
- Vehicle Smoke Generators
- Deployable Signal Panels
- SOC-R Spec Ops boats
- MV22 door gun expansion
- PBR and Patrol boat pack
- AC-130 visual enhancement
- BIS Train cab enhancement
Work In Progress - UGV research
- 1S91 update

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