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Owned by: EMSI
Registered by: EMSI on 03 Jan 2008

Information Active member of ÄŒSLA studio
Czech section moderator on http://forum.armedassault.info
Editor on unofficial on-line editing help for BI games (http://help.bigames.info)
Website http://www.arma2.xf.cz
Community Activity Precise SP missions with dubbing
Making helps and tutorials for SK/CZ community (in native language)
Community Awards 2oo8 nominee
Speciality SP mission editing
Basic addon modeling
Recently completed OFP:
Campaign Operation AMBER
Help for Campaign - Operation AMBER
SP mission - Forgotten Light
SP mission - Scout
SP mission - Area 81

SP mission - Steal the Tractor
SP mission - Sutech
SP mission - Day of Days
AddOn - Sikorsky MH-60M Blackhawk
AddOn - Ammo box with Plutonium (Pu94)
AddOn/Script - UAV management
AddOn - UAV M/RQ-1 Predator

ArmA Help v2.0 - catalogue of tutorials
A2B Editor - briefing editor
A2D Editor - description.ext editor
Work In Progress n/a

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