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Owned by: alderous
Registered by: alderous on 09 Feb 2005

Information Member of the Operation Carrot - polish OFP mod
Website http://republika.pl/alderousofppage
Community Activity tutorials(polish), missionmaking, cutscenes, 3d modelling, scripts
Speciality 3d modelling (weapons, land vehicles, houses).
Recently completed Dozer Mouse
Work In Progress kbs96 "Beryl" assault rifle
TRG-21 SAKO sniper rifle
PM-84P "Glauberyt"
PS wz.78 signal pistol
RPG-76 "Komar"
GAZ-46 MAV amphibian vehicle
TKS tankette
Ithaca M37 "Stakeout" shotgun
a couple of houses and bunkers

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