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Registered by: Aquis on 14 Oct 2004

Information Aquis - Creating tools and addons for OFP.
Website n/a
Community Activity Like making tools for OFP...
Speciality Programming and scripting. Pretty much anything.
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Work In Progress TOOL: OFP Studio

The Name: Well, it took me about a week to come up with the name, and I've finally got it. Origionally it was called OFPAM, standing for Operation Flashpoint Addon Maker, but I found the name taken (stading for OFP Addon Manager), so it got changed to OFP Studio.

What it does: OFP Studio will, if I ever finish it, be the ultimate tool for OFP. Ok, they all say that, but here's what I'm aiming for:

WRP Editor with random map generator. Meshes are always seeked after for islands. And, perhaps I will get it to import from other formats too.

P3D Editor creating units, etc. just like the BIS version. This time though, it will be easier to use and importable from more formats, such as 3ds, an8, etc.

Mission editor, I'm making a mission editor similar to OFP's own. This is because I have problems with OFP, because it run's in full screen mode, Alt-Tab doesn't seem to work (the computer feezes).

Script editor with appendixes (that updates from the addons folder), and colour coding.

PBO Editor and Manager, for editing PBO files without having to extract and compress them. Also updates to addons folder.

FXY Font editor, never seen much demand for this but might as well include it.

OGG, WAV and LIP manager, converting between all three.

Description, Overview, Briefing etc. wizards for missions.

A special "OFP Mission Descripter". This is for those people who get other people to write the stories for campaigns and missions, but don't touch the mission editor. Automatically adds data to sqm and ext.

Ability to run OFP. (Perhaps even switch if it's possible).

With authors permissions, add tutorials and help files from various sources, eg about OFP scripting, etc.

I'm writing this from school so I can't think of the other capabilities. Will hope to adapt quickly to OFP2 when it comes out :)

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