Arma2 Campaigns (3)

[Arma2] Operation Cobalt (1.01) by Zipper5

Reviewed by savedbygrace - 8/10
06 Nov 2010 | 0 comments | 986 downloads

Set during the events of Harvest Red, the player takes on the role of Peter Novak, a Private in the CDF. Totalling 8 missions of diverse gameplay that are strengthened by a consistent plot, and complimented with an abundance of cinema; this is certainly worth a download to experience.

[Arma2] PIROG (1.1) by bardosy

Reviewed by Zipper5 - 7/10
11 Jun 2010 | 0 comments | 591 downloads

Take command of Russian forces in a revenge attack to bring the Chernarussians to their knees.

[Arma2] Dogs of War (1.8) by Potatomasher

Reviewed by mathias_eichinger - 5/10
14 May 2010 | 0 comments | 639 downloads

This is a fictional campaign of conflict between insurgents, Russia and US on Chernarus soil. You take on the role of various USMC soldiers throughout this campaign in much the same way as OFP:CWC.
You'll be leading regular infantry grunts to assault towns, flying air raids with AH-64D/AH-1Z, supporting troops with UH-1Y, leading spec ops unit to gather intelligence info & destroy enemy defences, commanding a tank platoon to victory and more.

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