[OFP] Everon Transport 2 (MEC Entry) by Chneemann

Everon Transport 2 (MEC Entry) by Chneemann

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Everon
Time of Day Dawn
Weather Cloudy
Filesize 3.19MB

Mission requirements

Game OFP v 1.96

Overview - 6
Briefing - 8
Camera - 9
Scripting - 8

User rating


27 Aug 2007





Ah, so this mission was made by ze Germans (plz. pronounce with really bad German accent). It's kinda odd hearing the US Army speak German, well nothing new here; I've even reviewed a mission that was in Romanian!

Review by MachoMan


It did have a description, but it was a bit too long. A good description is (in my humble opinion) only about 3 rules long. Also, a picture border would have been nice.


It shows us a nice view of the busy airport on Everon, a good intro, but nothing amazing.


The Briefing was quite good; the basic briefing fits on one page, there are links to each objective, some objectives are clickable for further information.


Hmm cool, I'm flying a helicopter today! So let's get this started with. No, it's another intro! The cut scene shows me on my way on the airport.

So the first objective is an insignificant pickup at a small island off the coast, which is plain easy, no threats here. When I get back to the airport a spetnatz decides to blow up all of the other choppers, which are based here! Because I'm the only bird left, I get asked to support an assault on Montignac as an extra objective, ok! This objective is not essential to winning the mission, but can really help you in the future. (Just a little hint!)

When I'm done I continue to the next objective, which is meeting a resistance member. I deliver some black-ops to him. So I start flying again, but get hit and start losing fuel. This means I need to ditch my bird, great. When I ditch it, Papa Bear tells me to get back to Lamentin (which was the last delivery point) on my own, thanks to the spetnatz attack earlier there is no bird left to pick me up.

This is where the hard part starts. I have to make my way through enemy territory, but thankfully I succeed after many, many tries. My advice, try to steal a car! You keep running into nasty Russians, which you can deal with, as long as you keep quiet. The mission starts in the dark, but unfortunately the sun has come up by now, which makes AI a far more formidable foe. I would advise players who are fortunate enough to clear the second objective, to head to Montignac, so you can move through some friendly territory. Since I didn't complete the second objective, which was aiding the assault on Montignac, this hasn't turned friendly for me, so I have to move a long way through enemy territory. After getting killed a lot of times, I finally manage to reach Lamentin. It took me longer then it will most of you, since my darn pc crashed on the auto-saves from time to time.


Technically it has no outro, but there is a in-mission cutscene. I don't understand why people do this; a proper outro saves resource, because it won't be loaded when the mission starts.


Some excellent scripting; a nice script that makes you lose fuel. German voices for a super geil (that's German for cool) atmosphere!


(Review Date: Mar 2005) Overall a very good mission. May I advise the player to start playing early and make sure you have plenty of supplies, this one may take a while.

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