[OFP] Highlands by Tactician

Highlands by Tactician

Mission details

Type Multiplayer (Capture and Hold)
Player side West
Island Malden
Time of Day Day
Weather Cloudy
Playable slots 40
Respawn/Revive Respawn
Filesize 18.93KB

Mission requirements

Game OFP v 1.46
Addons None

Overview - 0
Briefing - 0
Camera - 0
Scripting - 0

User rating

Not yet rated

27 Aug 2007





Expect some heat this morning. Three critical areas of Western Malden are in dispute. Capture all three flags and hold them until we can get the tactical edge in the area. More info when you reach the camp.

Review by Hudson


First off a big thumbs up to Tactician for a job well done. This is exactly the type of mission that we want to see at the HQ. Anyone interested in a good C&H mission should download this quick, and you MP mission editors might want to play this mission and take some notes from Tactician on how to make a detailed briefing. We had alot of fun romping around on the hills of Malden, cappin' flags and bailing out of choppers. Excellent balance and spaced out objectives made for a intense 30 minutes of MP gameplay.


"Highlands" is set in the western hills of Malden. East and West teams start in the towns of Larche and La Pessagne. Both teams are very similarly equipped: 2 choppers, a couple of APCs and a handful of heavy and light transport vehicles for each team. All ammunition has been removed from the choppers to give them a true transport role in the game. Tactician made good effort in putting in the goodies also. Some of the missions features are server side scoring, vehicle respawn, player rearm at respawn, safezones around respawn areas, and a detailed briefing.

I am giving this mission an overall score of 8. Everything works just as it should and the mission never produced any errors. From the Briefing to the Outro, everything worked perfectly.

The only thing that really seemed to stand out was that the West team starts just a little further from the 3 objective areas than the East does. But this was not a big problem so I am still giving it a 7 for balance.

The briefing in this mission is very well done, informative and to the point. This mission would have got a higher score for the "Planning" if there would have been a bit more work done on the markers, we seemed to lose track of what team was holding which town at times. Planning on this mission gets a well deserved 8.

Tactical? Hell its Tactician :-) better change his name if it wasn't, Tactical rating here is a 8.

I am going to have to give a slightly lower score for the pressure rating, it seemed that there was plenty of action whenever you were in or around a capture area. But if you were unlucky enough to miss the last chopper ride out than you will agree with me that its a calm chilled out ride to the objectives. Pressure rating on this mission is a 7.

Tactician made great use of the terrain on the island of Malden, picking one of my personal favorite mission areas in the game. Also he used a good-sized chunk of land for the mission area, leaving you plenty of room to flank the objectives without having to worry about enemy safezones, score for location is a 8.


(Review Date: Apr 2002) Once again, thanks Tactician for an excellent mission, I am sure it will find its way into our rotation at radishville (if it hasn't already). And for all you dedicated server admins out there, don't hesitate to download this mission. Maybe Tactician and his MP missions are one of the reasons Stoners House of Pancakes is always maxed with 24 players.

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