[Arma2CO] Operation Aqua Lion by mathias_eichinger

Operation Aqua Lion by mathias_eichinger

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side BLUFOR
Island Utes
Time of Day Night
Weather Clear
Filesize 190.12KB

Mission requirements

Game Arma2CO v 1.59
Addons None

Overview - 9
Briefing - 9
Camera - 6
Scripting - 7

User rating


11 Mar 2013





Lead a S.O.C team onto the island of Utes to perform a series of tasks that are rudimentary to the core of FORECON practice. Equipped with technology to hack the occupying forces' control systems and backed by enough close air support to raze the island, the most difficult part is restraining yourself from engagements with local foot mobiles until the deed is done. Think you can maintain discipline enough to see your primary objective through?

Review by savedbygrace


I've always been a fan of in game imagery to compliment the project. It shows polish and care for the overall presentation. The author does not display that effort here. The overview does display the insignia for the company and a great summary of the mission while including the companies motto. Even though it falls short of my standards, it accomplishes exactly what it was purposed for, and that is to provide a brief summary for the currently selected mission in the menu.


The opening cinema was quite bland and clunky. Some of the camera angles appeared to show flawed AI behavior, slow texture loading and cued scenes that didn't begin until the camera was in place. There was no voiced dialogue or sound effects to enrich the scenes and the story was difficult to absorb on one viewing while the cinema progressed. Despite these shortcomings, the intro was informative and elaborated on the background story further.


As complete as you can make a briefing. Gear selection, background info, logistical info, and equipment guidance. Only one marker decorates the map, any further intelligence is up to the player to discover. Afterall, you are THE recon element.


The insertion was certainly different. It offers the opportunity to approach the AO from any angle you choose. The only unrealistic thought that occured to me was that of a C130 flying so low, so close to the islands AA net defense. Foot patrols and static guards dot the landscape, providing a network of defense that is quite fun to navigate through. Isolated anti air vehicles tempt your tastes to disable them while they are idle but the consequences of alerting the remaining forces, aids you in turning a blind eye to their slumbering presence. The use of a satellite phone as a hacking device to gain control of the AA network is clever but truly decreases the difficulty of the mission. To increase the difficulty by a large margin, simply do not use the device. The targets are spread out but not random in nature, so that re- playability is affected quite severely here. Detection brings the island to life but does not produce automatic super AI as many authors like to do. The mission offers choices to the player without penalizing him/her for not using the chosen path of the author. Always great in my book.


One static camera and a brief scene is enough to conclude but lacks the creativity needed to reward the player for spending his time.


The insertion made me laugh, the hacking device is unique but definitely affects the game play balance.


Even though the mission targets lack the randomness to contribute to re-playabilty, the mission certainly adheres to the ole OFP purpose of allowing the player complete control in his tactics and movement and choices of what logistical assets to implement. This alone earns it a re-playability value since players can adapt whenever and wherever they choose.

You can view the beta thread here.

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