[Arma2CO] Chasing Grim Reaper by SaOk

Chasing Grim Reaper by SaOk

Mission details

Type Campaign
Player side West
Island Takistan
Time of Day Mixed
Weather Mixed
Filesize 96.81MB

Mission requirements

Game Arma2CO v 1.59
Addons None

Overview - 8
Briefing - 9
Camera - 9
Scripting - 9

User rating


02 Apr 2012





A former scientist employed by the former Takistan Defense, appears at a US outpost in located in the quiet small village of Sakhe near a mountain pass, requesting immediate help. A small journal is about to turn the whole country into deadly chaos.

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Review by mathias_eichinger


The overviews consist of well-chosen motives displaying scenes of action or shots of units who have something to do with the mission at hand. The campaign overview has an extensive section of text, whereas each mission overview manages to create an appropriate description using just a few lines.


Intros and outros are well done. The camera angles are perfect, custom music is used and on top of that, they are fully voiced. They either advance the story or show well-crafted battle scenes. What sets this campaign apart from others are some in-mission cutscenes that help immersion very much and are as expertly done as the rest of the cinematics.


The briefings have got a good layout. The maps are well marked, but the markers are not overdone. Plenty of information is given concerning the situation, enemy forces, the story and the use of the air support module available with the missions. Each mission also has access to a weapons selection.


This campaign offers 7 missions in total. All of the missions involve conventional infantry action (no SpecOp lone wolves only) that ranges from base defence to assault and patrol to laser designation. This does not sound very varied, but in this campaign, the attention is in the details. The first mission displays a dialogue that enables you to select the level of difficulty, multiple lives, first aid and Commander mode.

All the other missions break the task at hand into sub-tasks that need to be fulfilled, if you want to complete the mission. Cooperation with local forces is the norm, and you have to deal with enemy snipers, tanks that reinforce the enemy, helicopters that need to be taken down, air defense that has to be taken out in order to gain your air support, lay mines to delay the enemy advance... just what makes it a long day for the ordinary grunt.

You have air support for all missions that relies on laser guidance and the air support module for the first 2 missions which can be very frustrating (to keep the lock on moving tanks). From mission 3 on you get support that you cannot control (gunships, tanks, CAS aircraft) that works better.

I have to emphasize that the author managed to create a battlefield that is alive - the enemy reacts to your moves, gets reinforcements, smoke is thrown, your own side throws in additional units to the fray, civilians are on the battlefield - just all the stuff that makes missions believeable.


Well, what's special about the campaign?

At first, you have a dialog that enables choice of difficulty, first aid, multiple lives and commander mode for the campaign. Throughout the missions, the MMA air support console serves as your air and ammo support point.

When you play a few missions, the scripting becomes evident - the cutscenes are technically perfect and narrated very well. The battlefield is alive, and in each mission you have access to unlimited savegames and a medic pack. In some missions there is an ammo truck that allows you to lay mines and resupply.


This campaign maximizes the enjoyment of conventional infantry missions. Despite the framework being still in the well known attack-defend-attack the next village range, each mission is a challenge and there is so much going on during each mission that it would score high just as as a SP mission. Given the weapons selection and support options, the player has several options to tackle the problems at hand. The story itself is also great, keeping the player at the edge of his seat. This is a campaign not to be missed out.

You can view the beta thread here.

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