[Arma2CO] Sabotage: Shapur by Janat

Sabotage: Shapur by Janat

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Shapur
Time of Day Night
Weather Mixed
Filesize 2.2MB

Mission requirements

Game Arma2CO v 1.59
Addons None

Overview - 7
Briefing - 6
Camera - 7
Scripting - 7

User rating


07 Oct 2011





Taking on the role of a lone contractor, the player is tasked with infiltrating and sabotaging an oil refinery area in Shapur by moonlight.

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Review by SaOk


Clear and explosive overview picture displays the mission well. The German flag colored mission title has no relevant connection to the mission. The description text itself is simple and concise, not very personal.


The intro is generally well made. Primary targets for the operation are introduced with entertaining camera angles and suitable voice-acting dialog. As a downside, the story element that is offered, lacks strength and the voice-acting decibal levels are not properly tweaked, leaving many parts barely audible.


The briefing offers good intel for the tasks with necessary markers, but lacks background information for the enemy. This leaves the mission atmosphere to be conjured by the player's imagination. As a welcomed feature, there is a broad selection of gear available and the player has a custom identity.


The mission starts the player without an option for NVGoggles, offering instead moonlight and an available flashlight as light sources, creating a great immersion for the operation start. While sneaking among the many shadows of the industrial parks in Shapur, a proper amount of ambient life is met. Hostiles are guarding or partrolling all around, offering suitable difficulty levels. In regards to replay ability, most of the AI seem to always be going toward the same places, not inducing surprise encounters for multiple play rounds. Fixed tasks are also very straight forward, not offering any twists or story strengthening elements during the progression. Nevertheless, the last task offers great moments of infiltration and destruction, giving a memorable and pleasing end for the mission.


According to the mission author, there are four different endings. However the endings that I have seen were just a few lines of dialog without a proper cutscene. Despite this, the mission ends in a quite acceptable way.


Aside from a good intro and exciting moonlight action, there's nothing especially unique in this mission. Gear selection, jukebox, dynamic weather and slightly varying endings are all nice features, but overall, the mission feels straightforward and without much originality.


Enjoyable atmospheric solo night mission, which offers suitable increasing difficulty level and few memorable moments. Lacks background story, leaving the player to imagine a world around the given characters. Still definitely worth a play, especially for lone wolves seeking moonlight action.

You can view the beta thread here.

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