[OFP] Rescue by Aldo15

Rescue by Aldo15

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Malden
Time of Day Day
Weather Overcast
Filesize 118.44KB

Mission requirements

Game OFP v 1.96

Overview - 8
Briefing - 8
Camera - 8
Scripting - 7

User rating


22 Mar 2011





The Resistance have stolen our last gulp of fuel on Malden. We need to get it back.

Review by NightJay0044


The image is inviting. It even has customized text on there. I see a lack of custom text in today's missions created. It has a nice white slick border.


The intro leaves you with enough information to want to play the mission to come. The author has made it so it leaves you with that anticipation to go and get this resistance party.

The intro is a short but intended effort to get you a little familiar with the mission to come. It shows you what the resistance are capable of and what they are like. The intro also has custom text in it. Which I believe enhances this mission.


The briefing is short but to the point. I like that the notes give a little history on what has happened. There is no weapons selection for the JAM3 add-ons.
I would have liked to see that. I am a part of a 12 man group which makes it a little easier to deal with since I don't have to be in command. The author did provide enough detail but not too much for you.



The mission itself has a lot of dynamic traits. It has a nice dust off effect by BAS Blackhawks. When you move up to the helicopter the soldier says "he's  forgotten his goggle". Then the dust gets in his eyes and makes your screen blink black for a second. The mission also has custom text in it. At the beginning you'll see it demonstrated. This makes you want to play the mission more. For some reason when an author has custom text in their mission. It creates a lot more different atmosphere.

The mission is not too difficult. I think the author could of spiced this up a bit. The mission would have been a lot harder if there wasn't allied tank support to attack the town with. Again that may of defeated the missions purpose though. Because I feel if the author would of not put friendly tanks in there. Your squad would have gotten wiped out.

The mission is a lot like the game black hawk down. You take a ride in the BAS Blackhawk and go and mow down some enemies. That creates a lot of authentic game play and it makes you want to play it again. The mission objectives were a bit average. Eliminate the enemy in the town and escort the convoy via helicopter. There wasn't a lot of real change in that opposition. The author could of tried to add a couple of twists. It doesn't stop the mission from being fun though.

If you play this mission say 10 times in a row. It will get easier and easier as you play. But the thing was, I still wanted to play the mission again and again, because of the enhancements of it. The helicopter scene was a great touch in the last effort to save your trucks.

I would say though the initial part of taking the town is a bit difficult, but with strategy and effort you will prevail against the resistance.


The outro is nothing special, just a view of saving the trucks. If you do end up only with two trucks, the mission will still complete. But one objective will still be incomplete. This is still part of the mission ending.


Things I want to point out in this mission are; the custom text, the custom scripting. The helicopter custom scripting was a really nice touch. That got my attention.


This mission is re playable but it will get easier as you play it over and over again. I like the dynamic changes it has. It’s not too vague of a mission that you can't grasp it. This mission is collective in its efforts for a classic battle against the resistance. Mainly the tank force helps you out a lot, but once they are out of the picture, its up to your soldier skills to win the fight.


You can view the beta thread here.

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