[Arma2OA] Operation Mighty Justice by Bardosy

Operation Mighty Justice by Bardosy

Mission details

Type Campaign
Player side West
Island Takistan
Time of Day Mixed
Weather Mixed
Filesize 3.19MB

Mission requirements

Game Arma2OA v 1.54
Addons None

Overview - 8
Briefing - 9
Camera - 7
Scripting - 8

User rating


20 Feb 2011





The player leads a US infantry squad code named "Robber", to take part in a massive operation in tyranny influenced Takistan, which leads them through long and challenging missions that contain multiple twists and breathtakingly intense battles.

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Review by SaOk


The campaign has a great looking overall picture accompanied by the necessary headline text. Each mission contains its own image but no descriptive text as is standard in the official campaigns. While missing borders, most of the images are great though a few are less attractive.


The campaign has an Intro and Outro cinematic, both with controversial content and dark humor that guides the mood through the whole campaign. The camera angles are slightly clumsy but the cinema as a whole is very appealing and well thought out. A great failing of this whole campaign is the lack of cinema between missions to provide rewarding pauses between long and very intense missions.


Each mission is supplied with a well written briefing that includes situation reports, plans and diary entries for previous mission digestion. Markers are clear and functional while the gear selections are present but not overdone with excessively bloated options.


Most of the missions are nearly one hour long and vary from large scale combined assaults with multiple AI groups to smaller tasks that depend completely upon player action. Later missions offer twists while the gradual increase in difficulty keeps the gameplay interesting and immersive. There are many small details to experience within the ambient life of each mission that remain relative to mission content and form the illusion of a dynamic world full of immersion.

Many of the units are often met, but with balanced spawn scripting, the performance stays smooth through the majority of missions. One exception occurs later in the campaign with a less stable moment that may require repeated loads of an auto save but does little damage to the experience. Otherwise the mission flow, incorporation of music and casual chatter are good.


Something noteworthy in this project is the balance of action and performance within the large scale scenarios. Ambient life also, is something worthy of praise and many other custom details including a gameplay feature that is surprisingly nice. The implementation of Mondasa’s USPMON script enriches the combat experience in regard to enemy behavior and is highly notable at times.


Using the game’s best aspects, the campaign offers enjoyable, long lasting infantry based action with a varying flavor that may include a few less tasty ingredients, dependent upon the players’ actions and sometimes luck. On a negative note, the gameplay is often very challenging without offering rewarding cinema between missions. Definitely still a highly recommendable, long lasting campaign.

You can view the beta thread here.

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