[OFP] Supa Smashin Namtastic by joemoemino

Supa Smashin Namtastic by joemoemino

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Custom
Time of Day Day
Weather Cloudy
Filesize 744.33KB

Mission requirements

Game OFP v 1.96

Overview - 4
Briefing - 6
Camera - 4
Scripting - 5

User rating


17 Jan 2011





As a soldier in the Air Cavalry on an morning patrol, make your way to LZ X-Ray and live to fight another day.

Review by Sui


The Overview spilled over onto two pages, with the author's details on the second. The picture was fairly low res, with no border or anything to make it stand out from the page.


The Briefing was well put together, apart from the fact that all the objectives were on the second page. This makes it hard to keep track of where you are at during the mission... clicking on tabs and arrows while under fire can be quite deadly.

However the text was paragraphed well, and easy to read. Links to the pertinent markers all worked, and helped keep the mission outline clear and concise.


The mission starts with the squad in a Huey, preparing to be inserted. This is the only seriously poor part of the whole mission... the insertion is horrible! Rather than having the LZ prepped (artillery or aerial rockets would have been nice), the chopper drops us down right ON TOP of a squad of VC. The excuse 'we didn't know they were there' doesn't really hold water, as they were all sitting right in the open. Generally you can expect half to two-thirds of your squad to be killed, and most of the time I came out as the leader after the dust settled (You play the 7th in the squad!).

After a bad start, things get steadily better from there. The patrol is fairly long ranging, but transport is provided in the form of a truck. VC are encountered along the route, making time compression a bad idea. The objectives aren't too difficult, but by the same token you'd do well to keep your squad alive in some places.

After hitting all your patrol points, you hump over to another LZ for pick up.


The author incorporated a number of clever scripts, ranging from helicopter dust to a med-kit if your medic is killed. I think there was also a surrender script, but I didn't get to see this in action for some reason.


(Review Date: Mar 2005) This is one of the better Vietnam patrol missions I've played, with the long distances interspersed with enough activity to keep you interested. If you can be bothered going through a few retries at the start to try to get a decent number (ie. more than 4) of your squad surviving the insertion, you'll have a great time with the rest of the mission.

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