[OFP] Everon Vice by JohnBart

Everon Vice by JohnBart

Mission details

Type Campaign
Player side Civilian
Island Everon
Time of Day Mixed
Weather Mixed
Filesize 68.28MB

Mission requirements

Game OFP v 1.96

Overview - 5
Briefing - 9
Camera - 9
Scripting - 2

User rating


29 Jun 2011





When a Hungarian military officer is urged to enjoy holiday on the beautiful island of Everon, he is quickly reminded that a dedicated soldier is never off duty. Forced into circumstances beyond his control, he must fight to stay alive.

Review by savedbygrace


The collection of Overviews for each mission in the campaign contain no text for description but all contain edited images that are helpful to identify a portion of what is to come.


Of all the missions and campaigns I have ever played, this one contains the most cinema. A majority of the camera angles are static and not very creative but sensible as they stay with the action when it moves. The author(s) does a splendid job of weaving a complexity to each character and bringing their personalities to life as the campaign progresses. Humor is injected into the dialogue in many scenes and you'll find yourself laughing at the idiocy of many remarks. It was certainly obvious, that the author was having fun at Hollywood's expense.


Because this was not military operations, the use of formal plans or objectives was not needed. But the author included them to remove the potential for confusion. Some of the objectives are not completely clear but the addition of boundaries by the author will prevent you from going far from your current task. Gear selections are not available in most cases since you are supposed to be a civilian on holiday but there are usually plenty of firearms to pick up from dead bad guys. Markers help to identify the plan some, while the note sections can at times be comical as well.


The player will be offered plenty of varying tasks to complete from one mission to the next, which keeps it from feeling repetitive. However, the missions are designed to keep the player contained and from wandering where the author does not want him/her to go, which does affect some of the fun factor and freedom associated with the title. The author could have certainly done better in that area. Aside from this fact, the objectives and the logical approaches are, for the most part, contained within those boundaries as well, which keeps the awareness of them low unless you're a creative player. Plenty of savegames scattered accordingly to prevent the frustration of repetition but due to the player's civilian status, the inability to handle heavy weapons detracts from the player's strategy.


The specialty that stood out in this campaign over any other is the amount of story and character depth, both with humor injected in the right places.


This campaign is certainly entertaining. But some of the mission designs lack freedom to adopt player tactics. The voice over's are recorded in Hungarian with English subtitles and sometimes flashes too quickly to read the text if you are not following along properly.

You can view the beta thread here.

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