[Arma2] Revenge! by Binkowski

Revenge! by Binkowski

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side West
Island Chernarus
Time of Day Day
Weather Clear
Filesize 3.8MB

Mission requirements

Game Arma2 v 1.07
Addons None

Overview - 5
Briefing - 4
Camera - 3
Scripting - 3

User rating


09 Nov 2010





As a CDF officer, lead a reprisal operation against a terrorist rebel force. Based on the eponymous OFP Mission by BIS.

Review by Wolfrug


Perfectly adequate, with an image of a BMP and a CDF soldier on Chernarus, even 'cropped' like the standard BIS images.


A short piece shot in homage to the OFP intro, showing a convoy of trucks led by a UAZ driving into an ambush. Unfortunately due to pathing issues the intro does not always play as well as one might want (cars piling into one another, swerving away from the intended ambush point etc.), but such things tend to be unavoidable.


Very short and to the point (once again mirroring the OFP briefing). Gives instructions for how to call in Bravo from the north to attack the second objective, as well as an idea of the amount of friendly forces (three BMPs). Furthermore, you have the possibility of outfitting your squad with some standard CDF weapons, although thankfully no scoped weapons are present initially (as that tends to make things too simple for the player).


This mission is as standard as they get, although unfortunately slightly uneven. There is some music and some radio calls from OFP:CWC featured (the music in particular is very nostalgic), but the radio calls are in English and only fit very loosely into the context of the mission. Also in the introductory BMP-ride there is a conversation that is unvoiced - although welcome and perfectly well written.

That said, everything else about the mission works well: the objectives are added and updated appropriately, the balance of forces works fine, and the radio command to call in Bravo functions without a hitch. The combat is bog-standard infantry action, with you as the squad leader, and depending on your approach you will either do very little or really get into the fight. The CDF troops all have the benefit of the First Aid Module, which makes the whole mission a lot more forgiving.

The maximum playing time, even if you do nothing but sit on your thumbs, ought to be no more than 10 minutes.


None provided and probably not strictly necessary. It properly 'ticks off' green in the Scenarios menu, however!


A completely standardized, SP, infantry-based mission. The archetypical BIS-styled 'quick' scenario, finished within 10 minutes, with no special gimmicks, scripting, plot or anything else to make it stand out. That notwithstanding, it is entirely professional and functions flawlessly from start to finish. Play it for a quick romp on Chernarus in the CDF colours!

You can view the beta thread here.

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