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Operation Storm-1 by Mathias_Eichinger @ OFPEC Missions Depot | OFPEC The Editing Center

[Arma2] Operation Storm-1 by Mathias_Eichinger

Operation Storm-1 by Mathias_Eichinger

Mission details

Type Single Player
Player side East
Island Chernarus
Time of Day Night
Weather Rainy
Filesize 228.8KB

Mission requirements

Game Arma2 v 1.07
Addons None

Overview - 8
Briefing - 7
Camera - 7
Scripting - 6

User rating


04 Nov 2010





Lead a 5 man spetznaz team deep into the forests of enemy territory to seek and destroy CDF Hinds.

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Review by SaOk


The overview is clear and simple containing a great looking image of one of the targets.


The intro seems to use poor camera angles and movement but the context of each shot was very well thought out, forming a solid foundation for mission start.


The briefing offers big variety of gear to choose. The markers are clear, still there isnt many and all of them is connected to this operation. The tasks are clearly descripted. Also small intel and some other information is given. On small negative side there is no custom identity given for the player.


The players team is inserted near the target area with moody chatting via helicopter. Navigation through the silent, rain soaked forests for the well hidden targets can be uncertain at times but the presence of small patrols will keep you alert. The targets are not as lightly guarded as they first appear to be since easy advancement can quickly change to hiding for your life when dynamically varying enemy reinforcements strike with sudden heavy force.


The outro is very simple but a welcomed addition to the end rather than only a sudden menu screen.


The mission is quite basic overall with one special feature; the player possesses morphine shots for healing. The targets are fixed but the enemy patrols and reinforcements feel partially dynamic which will certainly increase re-playability some.


It was quite fun to play. The multiple targets offer different paths to choose and the enemy is not completely predictable. As straight forward as it is, it remains a worthy play with the good intro cinema and a few dynamic factors.

You can view the beta thread here.


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