[Arma2] Operation Cobalt by Zipper5

Operation Cobalt by Zipper5

Mission details

Type Campaign
Player side Independent
Island Chernarus
Time of Day Mixed
Weather Mixed
Filesize 11.32MB

Mission requirements

Game Arma2 v 1.05
Addons None

Overview - 10
Briefing - 7
Camera - 9
Scripting - 8

User rating


06 Nov 2010





Set during the events of Harvest Red, the player takes on the role of Peter Novak, a Private in the CDF. Totalling 8 missions of diverse gameplay that are strengthened by a consistent plot, and complimented with an abundance of cinema; this is certainly worth a download to experience.

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Review by savedbygrace


Many mission editors neglect this area of the project simply because they feel it is unimportant. Zipper5 has provided a supreme example of how much more immersion is infused into a project when this is done correctly. Not only is it done correctly for the campaign, but each consecutive mission contains it's own respective image and description to provide the player with details that are needed for replaying events properly. In addition, each of those images are well planned depictions of what the scenario is about. Great work in this area.


As I stated in the summary, there is certainly no lack concerning cinema and each mission has it's own portions to guide the story along. If I would frown at anything at all, it would be the lack of audible narration throughout the entire campaign.


The briefings were designed to be simplistic but informative. They do not contain the bells and whistles of intel photos or weather reports but then this is not U.S SOCOM either. The players character is part of a low budgeted defense force so don't expect weapon loadouts, and special equipment that costs more than the trucks they drive, it just doesn't fit into the story line. Good work in this area as well.


Gameplay throughout the campaign is random to a certain extent; that extent being largely dependent on player skill, contribution, approach and AI reaction. There is one mission however, where the author increased the randomness via a single task which covers a large area to complete.

Thanks to improved AI and the authors creative use of battlefield placement, AI functioned unimpeded and without frustration.

The story twists allow for varying degrees of play tactics but for the most part, remain aggressive assaults on fixed positions, within or in control of a group.


Zipper5 used a lot of music, both from Arma2 and OFP. His timing in many of the cinema scenes was spot on and appropriate.


I enjoyed tremendously that he borrowed an age old story concept and adapted it to the Chernarus territory for us. Adding music, cinema and twists to compliment each other well enough.

The missions were lacking in one crucial area where campaigns are concerned; audio files. Sound was absolutely key to maintaining the immersion during the cinema but for some reason, it was not added. Another drawback of the cinema, and don't get me wrong, his camera angles were great, the music was timed well enough with each scene but there was no life beyond the camera's focal point. No civilians in the background, cars driving by, animals scampering through, ambient sounds or eye candy. Lastly, each cutscene seemed to start by flashing a scene of the actual player character before it initiated the scene.

Of course, I am overly critical in this area to most but I feel strongly about the partnership between immersion and campaigns, even if it is just a game. Because of this, the score was lowered to reflect the drawbacks.

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