[OFP] ULOTC Campaign by Challenger3

ULOTC Campaign by Challenger3

Mission details

Type Campaign
Player side West
Island Various
Time of Day Mixed
Weather Mixed
Filesize 2.65MB

Mission requirements

Game OFP v 1.46
Addons None

Overview - 1
Briefing - 4
Camera - 3
Scripting - 4

User rating

Not yet rated

05 Aug 2010





Following the outbreak of World War III, you and your fellow British reservists are despatched to the Malden Islands. You are to replace American forces on Everon and will inherit their equipment and materiel - no addons required.

(NB. This review refers to an earlier version, so not all its criticisms are valid.)

Review by YankeeTanker


Let me break it down like this:


  • This campaign has a logical progression from mission to mission although maybe a cutscene, intro or outro might have helped to set the tone in between missions. None were available but some people have a hard time with the cams and cam angles... I did and still do. :)

  • At some points there is very intense action that is encompassed by very long and dull periods of inactivity... so that is kinda realistic.

  • There are a lot of missions... if that is your thing.

  • The briefings have a lot of graphics that wrap up the jist of the mission and the briefings themselves have a good amount of info.


Whoa, where to start.

  • I had a bad feeling about this campaign from the beginning after reading the read-me. Instead of reviewing the campaign mission by mission, I will sum it up and let you download to see if I am right or wrong.

  • The missions themselves are not that good. Some of them probably could have been removed and the player wouldn't have missed them anyway. Some of them have some good intentions but the author could have spent more time tweaking them to get them timing down or make them more relevant to the overall campaign. He didn't.

  • There are no Intro / Outro / Cutscenes / voice overs... nothing really special in this department. I know I covered this before but these things really add a personal feel and pace to a campaign.

  • These are basically beginner missions that don't require any real skill to play... and although the thought of going against 30+ BMPs/T80s/T72s with a M60 (machinegun) and 3 LAWs appeals to my "sledgehammer" approach to this game... it seems kinda silly.


Well... just about everything... and I have a bad conscience and a big heart... so you figure that out.


Not in this lifetime.


(Review Version: 1.0 -  Date: Jun 2002) Sorry if this seems brutal but that is what I get paid for. And if you want to see a really bad mission or two, check out mine... ;)


P.S. - Send all hatemail for this review to my posted email... ;) (if you feel the need).

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